Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yahoo Answers Sucks

On October 4 I created a Yahoo Answers Account and spent a little time answering all the questions I could. I used up my quota for the first day and moved on. When I next checked my e-mail I found the following message:

Date: 04 Oct 2007 13:10:02 -0700
From: "Yahoo! Answers " Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
Subject: Yahoo! Answers Suspension Notice

Hello THe Grand Bastard(bulkhater)

You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your account has been suspended.

If you feel you were not in violation, please contact our Customer Care and tell us why.

Yahoo! Customer Care
I started wondering what the heck had happened. I wracked my brain for an explanation and sent the following:

Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 14:05:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Bulk Hater" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Why was I suspended???
I'm confused, why was I suspended?

What did I do wrong?
I waited a while and got no response, so I sent another message.

Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 14:16:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Bulk Hater" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Still confused
Was I suspended because of my Screen Name? I'll change it if that was the problem.

Was I suspended for telling that woman that the flashes in her vision could be a detaching retina? Because I had a friend who had a detached retina and needed emergency surgery and that was one of the symptoms she had.

Did I really get suspended just because I gave an answer that
wasn't a "feel good, everything will be fine" response?
Still no response. I was getting really upset with the lack of a response from Yahoo Answers. If you're going to "suspend" an account at least have the decency to tell someone WHY you're doing it.


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Anonymous said...

yeah mates yahoo answers suck, I've posted 3 questions there so far, but none of them could be answered , else they were deleted , fucking noobs !

Anonymous said...

Really, Anonymous, March 4, 2009 11:02 PM? Really? Go back to your white trash home.

Anonymous said...

its garbage, any time anything about religion comes up, a million people trying to reassure themselves that their correct appear and tell the poster that they are deluded or something along those lines. most of the advice elsewhere is also useless.

Anonymous said...

I know, it's like they are the Nazis!!

Anonymous said...

look at this question;_ylt=AuGDP6MQIUhyGsNJRq_QDLzh5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20101201012632AAE5HXo

winry said...

The same thing happened to me today,i had good intentions and my question about,is it safe to buy makeup online apparently is an abuse,i really think that yahoo answer sucks,i dnt even know why i created another account for it,my first one got deleted because i told an idiot that her boyfriend suck(and he did,he drinks beats her and she says she wants to marry him,i was just beign starighforward may be yahoo answers wanted me to say,marry him its good for you,the bloody suckers i sware their lives will be miserable and the'll go to hell

Anonymous said...

I hate Yahoo Answers, they deliberately mislead people into thinking that their privacy wont be violated but that's clearly what their intent is.


Anonymous said...

omg yahoo sucks. i am switching to gmail FOR GOOD. my account got suspended once when i was getting a lot of points on yahoo answers. then i asked a question that was quite personal and when i posted it i saw it was posted under my REAL NAME, not my screen name. now if you search my name ALL the questions i ever asked or answered are right there, even the ones i deleted are available to the public. great. so now i am desperately trying to get them to delete all activity i ever did on that stupid website since some questions were about my sexual orientation and weight. if someone decides to search my name and find that, i would be SO HUMILIATED. lets just hope that they delete all my activity soon cause i am seriously panicking right now.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo answers is full of morons that think they know what they're talking about. Very seldom do you find an accurate answer to a question due to expertise and not assumption or opinion. 99% of the people on yahoo answers are morons and shouldn't have the privilege of giving any advice to anyone whatsoever. They need to change it from "yahoo answers" to "yahoo opinions from non-experts."

Bob The Budgie said...

Yes, there may be a lot of 'trolls' in Yahoo!Answers, but you people are giving them the attention they want.

Don't answer trollish questions.
Keep your Q/A unbiased.

Those people are looking for ways to attack you. I stick to certain sections because I am only 14 but I want to become a parrot breeder when I grow up so I plan on sticking to Y!A Birds. There are barely any trolls there.

Anyway, complaining wont fix anything. You people are a very small group compared to the rest of Y!A.

Yahoo has more important issues than you people being annoyed by other lowlifes.

My account:

Anonymous said...

They do Suck. I was getting research for a report, and it proved to be all wrong, even though the "source" was a guy with a Earth Studies Major. Liars

Anonymous said...

Lol, I just got suspended myself so I understand your frustration! Because I was giving real answers or responding sarcastically to sarcastic questions, that is grounds for barring me? They didn't tell me why, but that's the most odious reason I can think of. Who knows why they "suspend" people left and right, but I'd at least like them to tell me that they're BARRING me not SUSPENDING as they rarely lift "suspensions." My best guess as to why they're the PC police is to avoid lawsuits or some kind of liability. That is, every answer is to be taken seriously and if not then they could get blamed for not reporting something should some terrible event stem from it. Stupid and reactionary, I know, but that's the best I can come up with: they essentially want to cover their @$$es. Too bad because although I deplore fighting language and think websites should be civil, frank free speech is beautiful thing, even if you don't like the answer itself. And, who's with me on this, don't you agree that there IS such a thing as a stupid question??? And, newsflash, stupid questions get stupid or unsympathetic answers. Why should we be patient and lovey-supportive of someone who posts something like, "Why are black ppl bigger?" or "Could I be pregnant if I had unprotected sex yesterday?" ??? Society needs thicker skin because not everything or everyone is "equally important" if you will.

Anonymous said...

YA does not have customer service. They just push the form letter response of the moment.

Little people hiding behind their screen names and moderator jobs and attack instead of answer anything.

Anonymous said...

Because the people that work there do.
Why would I ever involve them in any transaction after seeing the type of people they hire.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo answer is sadly run by a bunch of fascist communists who do not accept different views from others. I had worked my way up to level three before they deleted my account and had to find a good explanation as to why it happened, but as soon as I found out that YOUR ACCOUNT WAS SUSPENDED FOREVER on another yahoo questions while looking for answers, that just did it for me. I mean, I did not even bother writing them just to know the reason behind it and as a result of this, I decided to open two new accounts the following hour, which by the way, had actually never caught on, since I made many attempts to sign in, informing me that there were no such as users under those two names. Thus, I just simply made the decision not to fight back and just gave up that hippie flavored communist site infested with nazis

Anonymous said...

i think you can find a way to keep google from returning yahoo answers results in the first page of a google search...wich is the problem...its so popular with every new internets noob... cause its been there...from my first first google search..i dunno..i forget the pilot oint i was making

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answer is the worst answer web ever! Whatever you search for, they only lead you to one page: the question has been deleted! I recommend them just shut down the whole website and stop wasting ppl's time to search for a REAL ANSWER!!!

Anonymous said...

Whats the point to have a webpage to tell you whatever you are looking for has been deleted?

Anonymous said...

I gave up on Yahoo answers. OK, I admit, I was sort of a troll to all the idiots asking "I had unprotected sex, and haven't had a period in 5 months, am I pregnant???!?!?" And, "Why I can't stop cutting my wrists!!!??!!"
OK, maybe I deserved it. But you have to admit, there are a lot of idiots out there.

Anonymous said...

i just got an account, tried to post an answers, said yashit wasmt availible, then i got suspended, made another account and didnt do anything and got suspended, somebody sue, or just plan a terrorist attack on the headquarters!

Anonymous said...

I hate this site. I get my answers deleted all the time for no reason. Then a week or more later, they get reposted with the "Oh we're so sorry" rant. Someone said it before on this post. If a cop arrests you, they have to tell you what you did wrong. In Y!A, they say "we don't have to tell you s**t, so deal with it." In a court of law, you are innocent until proven guilty. In Y!A you are guilty until proven innocent (haha, yeah right) This site in its entirety should be reported, suspended, then spit on. Just like they did to all of us.

Evan said...

Yahoo Answers is horrible. People don't pick answers based on how good an answer they are, they pick answers based on what they want to hear - a feel good, "everything's fine" response. It's bs. because you get 2 points for answering a question, people often answer questions with simply "i dont know" - perhaps the most stupid thing I have ever seen on the internet. The staff are horrible, deleting questions for no apparent reason, it's a terrible site. I strongly suggest NOT using it. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Screw yahoo answers. Does idiots delete my question for no reason.

Anonymous said...

They suck so bad. deleting my q's for no reason. Screw them. Stupid community.

Anonymous said...

The internet is for kids and idiots. If anyone belives the crap floating around the internet can have it. Yahoo also keeps changing their mail format. Yahoo can suck it.

Anonymous said...

Lols. I have been facing the same issue for past three months. I used the term " Hacking" in an ironical way to refer to a workaround in Vista, which infact is well known to almost every tech. They suspended my account. I have mailed and called numerous times and no answers. On calling they say yahoo answers does not have a support desk.
They just not SUCK coz it is a small thing. The stink, they poo and puke, they are a bunch of big time retards with their shit in their head and brains lost in the gutter.

Spotter Wolf Girl said...

Yahoo answers sucks bad....really..
i had to make EIGHT different accounts for serious questions! but i was suspended from it. if THEY are the ones to suspend the accounts instead of kids, those fuckers will get more popular.

Spotter Wolf Girl said...

Yahoo answers sucks bad....really..
i had to make EIGHT different accounts for serious questions! but i was suspended from it. if THEY are the ones to suspend the accounts instead of kids, those idiots will get more popular.

but i have to admit, i did have a little fun by asking:
"how do i get to Narnia?" and yes i am 10 years old. but i really don't ban people's accounts for no reason.

plus, i want to be a designer when i grow up. so i am looking in Y!A designing

Anonymous said...

Some asswipe used the answer section on one of my questions as his own personal little rant space, failed to answer the question at all, and made a bunch of bullshit incorrect statements ridiculing me.;_ylt=AtmxWeaH7vlRYUcXKGF4y8Dsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110622223156AAtVpaN

Then, somehow, he was awarded points for the best answer and I cannot delete it. Wow, fuck Yahoo answers!

Anonymous said...

Question: Why does my kitten keep meowing?
she is 5 - 6 weeks, adopted two days ago i need some help

Answer: Because it's not a dog.

This answer got me a violation. Please, people chill out.

Anonymous said...

is it safe to to leave a suicide note because of yahoo answers,jk but really, yahoo , KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF, they shour know how to ru someeoone the wrong way, i cant even post a question, its always unavailible, its been3 years, fail

Anonymous said...

If you think it's helpful to have opinions from every know-nothing schmuck in the world about any given topic, then Yahoo Answers is for you!

Anonymous said...

yahoo answers is a bunch of racists, go ahead ask ONE question that mentions native americans or blacks and they come out with their racist,ignorant and childish arguments! i swear, yahoo answers is just a bunch of racist 14 year olds!

Anonymous said...

My experience with YA was generally pleasant until I would ask questions in the military section... I wouldn't even be complaining about being enlisted and automatically some jerk would respond "IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM YOU SHOULDNT OF ENLISTED" you know, thats an obvious but my question had nothing to do with not wanting to enlisted. I have seen the same song and dance in nearly every question in the military section. Lets not forget about the religious section where if I dare ask any question about God, I get bombarded by athiests and other answerers who incessantly tell me that my beliefs are wrong. NO to YA.

Anonymous said...

christians and muslims are fucker because they report my questions and cause me suspended.

you heard me ?
Fuck you christians and muslims and fuck your whole family

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers totally sucks. I've seen questions the stupidest questions and answers. I don't know why I ever put my faith in to such a trash heap when it was always full pretentious jerks and idiots. There were some smart and intelligent people on there giving some good advice, but the large number of idiots on the site outweighed the number intelligent and helpful people. Yahoo answers is in many fashions equivalent to YouTube comments if you know what I mean. The freakin site doesn't have any moderators or at least the moderation is very terrible. Screw Yahoo Answers. That's all I can say.

Anonymous said...

LOL BIG TIME I think Yahoo pool aimers shud get a life do u know even how to play pool luv to run into 1 of u idiots at the pub after a hard days work to show u the real thing u bunch of punks

Anonymous said...

I used to use it a few years ago, and it was pretty useful then, until trolls go onto it and Yahoo became too strict. I had an account on it from when i was 14 i had it 3 years until one day it just got "banned" for giving a link! I forget what the link was for but it was relevant to the question and I got an email saying i was banned, i emailed them back asking if there is any chance i can appeal because ive had the account for years and I got a reply saying i cant!

After that I didnt use it, until recently and it has become over run with trolls and kids. My girlfriend was ill recently and i posted the symptoms on the site asking if anyone can guess what is wrong with her and i got a sarcastic answer.

Whenever people ask anything important or interesting that isn't in the polls and surveys it will get no decent answers unless you asks something stupid when you are bored like "who would win in a fight Chuck norris or Micky mouse"

The site is a joke and im not using it again

Jon Wallen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon said...

I was banned because a bunch of Jehovah's Witnesses just went through and repeatedly reported me since I was one of those people who stood in the way of their effort to spread propaganda about their cult. I know because every single one I was reported on dealt with their 'religion'. I appealed and had several overturned, but that didn't stop Yahoo from counting them against me and banning me. Yahoo is all about censorship-- they are nothing but a bunch of commies. Don't waste your time creating an account and leveling up. I was a level 7 when I was banned, and was there with a perfect record for more than a year. I appealed, but only got form responses, and told they cannot reactivate it once it's been banned, and that I was welcome to open a new account-- this is their response for all the helpful answers I provided that made their site worth something so they could make money from ads. I told them to piss off, and I haven't been back to Yahoo since (not even their crappy search engine or their sorry news section that seems to change daily and get broken). I would suggest that if you want good answers to your questions to use a different service, because a lot of people on there are people that got banned and just post stupid answers because they are mad at Yahoo for banning them.

Anonymous said...

They Still SUCK to this very day. 3-4 years of suckyness. they will always suck Microsuck will only make them suck even more. thats how bad they SUCK.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 95% of my answers suck. One was from some b##### d### I reported the person and they never deleted him. I wish I could delete that question so I wont be humiliated by that a##hole answer. When I ask the question attacking the answerers they deleted me but they didnt report the girl the put something similiar in her additional info who had basically the same sitution as I did. And someone defended her and gave her good advice but they didnt with me they just crucified me and she didnt get the same response I did from some demented d###. Love yahoo answers(sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Yahoo answers is un-american and I will explain why.First the gay married, democrat ,tree humping, jerk-offs ,that run the site will suspend any Conservative poster for no legitimate reason with out due process.You are suspended without even so much as a reason why.Their terms of use was written by Stalin and is a document only osama bin laden fans could love.They suspend posters for no reason, but leave retard misinformed post on which constitute 99% of their shitty little site.In closing fuck yahoo and fuck yahoo answers.

Anonymous said...

a bunch of fags from out west run it whatyou think talk about dick and nuts and blow jobs from men youll never get deleted like that fag mantravis and his cum questions and taking it up the butt but he works for the fags how mother fuckers , yhaoo is a bunch of straight people haten g gay fags that sucks cock the biger and blacker he better in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Is there an alternative to this yahoo bullshit! PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Anonymous said...

I admit to being offensive when I first got on the site some odd years ago. With that said i noticed that your account is always immediately deleted when you say anything about gay or black people. But you are free to say other offensive things for longer amounts of time.

I had a 4 year period of answering normally. this is actually the only time i got reported. It was so random 'Dude, just have some confidence. I'm sure you will find someone". This answer has been reported blah. The astrology section was the worst for me. People stalked you and thumbs downed until you were at the bottom of the page if you were a top contrib and reported everything. When I report obvious spam and offensive stuff I get nothing. There are too many things i could list that is wrong about this site. i noticed that this site is losing its community actually. over the past few years the amount of answers has decreased dramatically. the only thing left to do on that site is trolling stupid questions.

Anonymous said...

your name is bastard. you didn't think that was why you dumb fuck

Anonymous said...

Well, I just got banned/suspended... On level 4 account, with nearly 4000 points and a 30% best answer rating, Yahoo! nonetheless thought is was pertinent to ban me without any warning whatsoever.

If they keep doing this to people who answer questions legitimately and thoroughly like I do from an educated perspective, they will no longer have any perspectives left at all . . . with the exception of the vacuous responses they get from people who think they know something but simply spew misinformation or unsubstantiated opinion.

I made the mistake of answering some legitimate questions about marijuana and its effects without considering that it might "offend" someone who might choose to ban me. I suppose years of study and research mean nothing when people simply don't want to hear something they don't believe.

Oh yeah-- I also respectfully answered political questions that probably got me into trouble, so avoid those too if you don't want to get banned.

And-- I spoke intelligently and comprehensively about an emerging self-help cult. Every single one of those got deleted without reason.

They really discourage critical thinking on the forums. If it's not a populist, common understanding, you will get banned. If it's remotely controversial you'll get banned.

I should not have invested so much time and my education in this site.

Anonymous said...

I hate yahoo answers. I ask questions and then they just report me for no reason and some dickhead called melo-sanity reported all my answers for fun and now my account is suspended. Fuck yahoo answers.

Dan Baker said...

Guys should just use , new social network for asking questions, way better than yahoo answers, at least in my very humble opinion.

Galaxiesam said...

This happened with me too. I answered all 20 questions that I could and without violating their terms and I dont what the heck happened, that they banned me from answering questions. They didn't even answer that which terms did I violate. They just sent a mail-The answer you gave on Yahoo! Answers was reported by the Answers community. and the answers were all correct and the best to my knowledfe, yahoo really sucks man.

Anonymous said...

I hate yahoo answers. I am 12 but am not a complete dbag as most other kids my age are, and I got suspended for asking what type of smartphone to get. im serious. and also, the points system. OHHH, THE POINTS SYSTEM! you know, half of the damn awnswers i get are just a bunch of jerks who want points and they say something dumb and half witted like: laefulcasidchueflaesichlncal because the're just wanting points. come on, this isnt like skyrim or something. Any other question/answer websites that people use?

Anonymous said...

I love(d) Yahoo Answers! I find it fun to answer people's questions! For some reason, I was suspended because of my "enthusiastic" answer! Who was the cry-baby who reported me because of my "shouting" answer???? Yahoo Answers shouldn't be this stupid!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some one has reported me for asking what to do at a sleep over PATHETIC!!!!!! I DO NOT GET IT this is my 2nd accout GONE and I have done NOTHING wrong I'm SO ANNOYED

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got suspended for no reason too! Now I have to go and make a new account just to ask/answer questions. I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth all the trouble. ughhh. :/

Anonymous said...

I was on level 2 250 (I asked a lot of questions) points 59% best answer and I answered a lot to. I got suspended last week. Someone was seriously out to get me. Every single question I asked for the last week including "my knee has been hurting a lot what could bearing"? Was deleted and whenever I asked why they didn't answer. I don't think they read them. I cussed them out in one just to see if they would reply and they didn't. I had 59% best answer gone down the drain!!

Anonymous said...

You probably been laughed back by replying to them that your account was blocked. I mean, by reading "The bulk hater" as the name you used to sign up to Yahoo, they probably thought you were just another troll.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well Yahoo answers is fucked up! I got suspended yesterday just because I called this boy a stupid dumb butt. Because I asked if there were any websites where I could download some games for my phone and this boy tricked me into going to a porn website where I saw dirty things.. And I'm just twelve. Goodness, what sort of fucked up website is that? The Administrators must be so Fucking dumb to even read and understand why people say things! Fuck Yahoo Answers!!!! Burn in hell!!! FUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

What happend to me was I was on there and it susspended my account and deleted my question. My question was asking: What are the yahoo pionts for? Can I use them for somehing are they useful?
some idot of a jerk reported it apperently. What an a**!

Shane Cynamon said...

Go get an account on Answerbag. There are rules on that site but it doesn't suck as much as Yahoo Answers.

kitama6 said...

The same thing happened to me, except I got a violation for asking a question. It said "Do girls hate it when guys fart". I was curious because my friends have hot girlfriends, and they fart around them all the time (like seriously wtf).

Anyway, I got a violation because some ass licker reported me. I got denied of my appeal as well because they said my question was incomprehensible. That's a stupid reason because I just saw a question that asked "Is it weird for a guy to moan during sex" (and no, I didn't look for this question, it was literally on the homepage of yahoo answers).

Yahoo answers is a crap site. I used to love it, but now I hate it. The Violation and the use of terms are all just stupid, incomprehensible, confusing, dumb, retarded, and undefined. Fuck yahoo answers, I'm deactivating my account, and I hope you do the same

Anonymous said...

Everything I ever find in yahoo answers is garbage, links are always to an error page, never a real website, an nobody knows what the hell they're talking about. They're always wrong. Anytime I search and it comes up it's an answer given there, even if it's the top result, I skip right over it. I think it was a screw ball idea anyway, average people have no business acting like professionals. Information online should be strictly from research and professional knowledge, but finding anything online worth a damn is like beating your head against a block wall. Pointless.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers is a consolidation of garbage forums that is infested with trolls with the "Special Education" Forum being the worst. Children go on there and call people with autism "Stupid"/"Retarded"/"Waste of Oxygen" and Yahoo ignores it even though these children get reported on numerous occasions; yet, you make the mistake by calling these children down and not only will you get reported but your account will get deleted.

My only regret that I have is going there in the first place and wasting countless hours arguing with those fools; however, I'm happy to say those days are gone.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers is beyond absurd. A shame that Google insists on placing yahoo answers at the top of search results when asking a question.

Truly, Yahoo answers is by children and for children.

Hopefully Google will smarten up and stop proving Yahoo answers in the search results.

Just to recap, Yahoo answers sucks.

Yahoo answers is terrible.

Yahoo answers is awful.

Yahoo answers is a gong show.

Anonymous said...

Its the moderators! They are operating with political bias. Your views don't agree with theirs bam suspended. In the past week I've had ten different accounts suspended by moderators. I know its the moderators because there's no other way I can post a question and I mean literally get suspended within 10 seconds after posting. Anything about gays, feminism, Atheists that's a guarantee ban. Examples: Atheists are you spiritual, I know you don't believe in god, but are atheists spiritual in any way? BAM suspend. Example 2: Why was homosexuality considered a mental disorder but cross dressing isn't that does make sense to me? BAM Suspened. Example 3: Feminists do BAM suspended. Example 4) Why didn't Eric Holder get fired after fast and furious BAM suspended. The list goes on these are legit questions. They are fucking suppressing free speech! George Orwell spoke said in 1984 book politcal correctness is the biggest danger to society and he was correct! I tested these things in reverse and nothing happened! Complete bullshit. All my questions were legit I didn't ask in a hateful manner or anything. The moderators don't like it so they its got to go. And oh yes a lot of sensitive pussies hitting the report button no doubt. Fuck yahoo answers. I will make one last account to try to let everyone know about this site. Maybe we can actually do something. Because those motherfuckers are suppressing my right to free speech and shunning truth! Boycott YA answers. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Almost every time I've gone (in desperation) to Yahoo Answers for
answers to technical questions I've found it to be useless.

Ignorant, misinformed and just plain WRONG answers get voted as "best".

DEFINITELY use YA for technical questions only as the last resort.

If their answers in other areas are as bad, then it's a MAJOR waste of time and disinformation.

Oh BTW I hate the stupid avatars, but that's just me being grumpy :)

Thanks for this blog!

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more.

I just received one "violation", God knows why, and then was instantly suspended. And another thing too, and I haven't even asked or answered a question yet!

Yahoo Answers is a bunch a bloody idiots. And as you said, they never tell you why you're suspended. I use now. At least the people who run it are nice and tolerant people, unlike Yahoo Answers.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more.

I just received one "violation", God knows why, and then was instantly suspended. And another thing too, and I haven't even asked or answered a question yet!

Yahoo Answers is a bunch a bloody idiots. And as you said, they never tell you why you're suspended. I use now. At least the people who run it are nice and tolerant people, unlike Yahoo Answers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have had enough of this useless homosexual website. I hope that they either die violent deaths or this website is banned for good. And just as Anonymouse said they are a bunch of gayass crybabys. I hope they burn in hell for this.

TheTriforceOfHyrule said...

You just answered you're own question.

Don't fill up you're freaking quota!

I can guarantee no matter what you're post is you'll be banned so fast you're head will spin because it looks suspicious that someone will be answering questions so fast.

I doubt they even read people's posts so it's the users of YA that are biased in reporting.

TheTriforceOfHyrule said...

After seeing the filth at YA I am more then convinced we are living at the end times and we are at End Game for *The Matrix* *The New World Order* or whatever the hell you want to call it.

When you see the peace treaty for constructing a holy place for The Jews be put into place you know the rapture is ready to roll!

As they said in Flight 93. "Let's Roll!!"

Anonymous said...

Well, they have no problem spying on us and giving the government our informatin....but answering a logical question: they can't do that.

Continually repeat the same subjects on their homepage AFTER you have clicked that you don't want to hear about the porn star kartrashian or west or any other such idiots...they continue to show those stories.


Anonymous said...

My kinda blog... Yahoo Answers fucking sucks, they need to shut that stupid fucking website down, so those annoying pricks will lose their money. Fuck them.

Heatblizzard said...

I tried posting and while I am not banned I am not going back.

Real legimate questions that actually serious things about the world around us get ignored or 1 reply at best.

Sexual and gross stuff seem to be the major hits and the YA staff does NOTHING to clean it up.

I am truly convinced that the YA staff are in line with the New World Order beast so they are cheering at the downfall of humanity.

Heatblizzard said...

I think it would be very neat for their to be an inside job armed robbery on Yahoo Answer HQ and take away all their *likely stolen* cash.

Anonymous said...

Yep,folks -The Internet is enfuriatingly full of people & services that kneel-down & blow pretty much everything that fits in those various cavities...
Yahoo is not any kind of 'answer' service.
-It's downright imbecilic & humorless, with moderator/gophers reacting idiotically to any free-speech/wit like miniature Nazis.
Most likely, YahooCorp. Outsource their moderation & administrative operations to Patel & Co, downtown Bombay... And that, -is all anyone needs to know. Indians are not cool & are prone to being embarrassing control-Nazis at every... available... opportunity.
Cheers all! -Cybrofreedomist said...

Yes yahoo answers suck..its better to post your questions here

Anonymous said...

if you're on yahoo answers and don't want suspension make sure you never go to the suggestion board. There are some azz whole mother fakas on the suggestion board. you suggest anything and they will suspend you for sure. Also avoid politics and religion/spirituality section for sure. you'd end up with suspension. And don't ask questions. Asking question get you suspended too.

i been suspended 35 times on yahoo answers this year and not even once they say why is suspended.

Then 36th account i never ask questions and it was never suspended.

Anonymous said...

My main email is Gmail, but I heard of Y!A and made an account on Yahoo.

I asked the question, "What's the actual value of points on Yahoo Answers?"

Additional details: Do they have any significant value at all? Or are they just there... for no reason? Are they just for show to show people how much time you spend on here or can they actually provide use?

Some people got the wrong idea and thought I was dissing the site (these people were probably bratty teens who spend twelve hours a day on Yahoo Answers) and they replied with a bunch of swear words and/or braggish content on how much points THEY had.

THEN I got reported. I was like, "okay, this is really stupid." I submitted an appeal and used logic to explain how my question didn't violate anything. And they suspended my account after that.

Yes, they did. They really did.

And to this day, I can't open it. In fact, I just deleted it about an hour ago.

After one genuine question...

I get I can just Google it and stuff, but remember, I was also half posting that for the sake of testing Y!A out.

They sure didn't make a good first impression, I'll tell you that. I wasn't too upset though. Yahoo isn't as great as Google services, at least in my experience :D.

Anonymous said...

I have had 15 accounts suspended from yahoo answers, mainly for frivolous reasons or the result of report trolls. The fact is this,
without traffic, yahoo would lose their sponsors. Everybody needs to make a collective effort to destroy YA because it's just corporate abusive really. Look at all these complaints above, it would be great to form a group and just spam questions with pornography links and abuse. The website needs to be taken offline, somewhere along the way they lost sight of who their customers are.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it sucks. For some reason, someone went through every single one of my questions and reported them. It was by a "trusted person." Let me tell you, there is nothing that makes you feel more powerless, humiliated, and stifled than having to just sit there as some asshole and the yahoo! answers team bullies you into a little corner, hiding behind screens because they're all really a bunch of cowards.

I am so appalled by their unjust actions, I am deleting my account. I will NEVER be in support of Y!A. I will always speak against it until my dying day, and anyone I know, I will encourage them to get rid of their accounts and to encourage others to do the same. I encourage YOU to do the same!

Y!A is a disgrace to the ideal of freedom, the freedom to say what we want to say so long as it doesn't harm those around us, and then the freedom to more effectively handle violations of those who were accused of violating. A site like this should not exist.

Anonymous said...

I just had experienced Y!Q&A and it's just managed by bunch of kids and has no system , no responsibility toward their users ,reporting/suspending/violating is just a silly game ,really I thought Y!Answers is something else ,but it's not

Anonymous said...

Guess what. Now the facist Hitler loving fuckers at Yahoo require you to give and verify your mobile phone number just like Google and Facebook. It should be fucking illegal to require a phone number. Total fucking violation of the 4th amendment. Then again Obama and these fuckheads in the government don't give a flying fuck about the constitution they swore an oath to serve by. Fuck you Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. Now of you nazi fuckers are getting my fucking phone number or real name. So you can go fuck yourselves and eat Hitler's pussy you facist nazi privacy invading unAmerican consitutition hating fuckers!!

Anonymous said...

And this is not just for Yahoo answers that you have to give your phone number for it's anything that requires a Yahoo acount. Which includes Flickr and Tumblr. Fuck you Yahoo! I thought you sucked for awhile but I used to think you didn't suck as much as Google and Facebook since you didn't require a phone number but now your just as mu7ch of Nazis suck just as much nazi balls as them! This is America and what you, Gogle and Facistbook are doing is totally unAmerican and unconstitutional! If you wanna do this shit do it in some fucking communist country like China North Korea or Cuba! I'm sick and fucking tired of facist fuckers like you trying to destroy our freedom and turn us into Nazi Germany Communist China or North korea.

Anonymous said...

A guy insulted me for posting a question about trolls,so,I insulted him back,and reported him,however,he got away,while I am the one that got banned.Seriously,the staff of that awful website are awful.

Anonymous said...

Horrible site. I've been suspended 35 times. No freedom to speak truth. I hope it fails

Kyle said...

Bing/Microsoft/Google and Yahoo have kissed up to the NSA Spying using PRISM technology on most modern computers and cellular phones
and also the trend for phones replacing computers/laptops have caused them to stop caring about support on desktop computers.

Most layouts are design for phones in mind so for us PC geeks we are royally fucked.

Globalists who run the international banking cartels *RothsChild* *JP Morgan* etc likely have SOME ownership of these companies which makes the internet a more and more suckier place as they control things behind the scenes.

The internet as a whole is not as fun as it was in the 90s when things were innovative with a lot of promise.

Now it's you're choice of either completely commercialized internet or dictatorship internet ran by the government blocking anything they don't like which changes weekly.

As websites choose to be more *flashy* for cellular phones it is going to be *broken* for computer users.

I see in the next 5 years that libraries will either no longer have books or books play a very small role with mostly tablets and kindles to check out where you can download books at the library to either read there or take home using you're library card.

In fact I count on them merging you're Library card with you're National ID if it ever gets pushed on us so they can track what books you get in case they are politically incorrect.

Kyle said...

Right now they are getting ready to make TWO internets. One for the elite and one for us dumb fucks to control what we do and learn.

As society we are going to destroy ourselves and the new generation afterwards will have to pick up the pieces and start all over.

I have a feeling we are going to have some kind of supernatural phenomena that will fry all our technology we rely on as part of karmic debt.

Good riddance is what I say! I hardly even use the computer except for basic research as I don't like all the violent filth that's out there.

Some of the stuff is so violent it's almost like training simulators as if we are the Guinea pig in some global experiment.

JAKE said...

there are a few types of twats on this website

young kids: nerds who get bullied & feel good by acting tough on the internet to a bunch of dickwads they don't know because they know if they said half the stuff they say here irl they'd get a punch in the face

preteen girls: little spoilt bitches who think they actually have problems because their "mummy not givin me car ZoMg i h8 her", either that or they're asking how attractive their little fat ugly ass is asking for rates out of 10, or whether or not they're pregnant because apparently going to the doctor is too much effort. these morons actually think the people who use Y!A are professionals and know about what they're talking about... just incase you haven't figured it out, REAL professionals of whatever section it is they professionalize in WOULDN'T BE USING YAHOO ANSWERS, they'd be doing better things or at LEAST using a better site than that shit

older males: lonely creepy fucks, possibly homos, have no friends or partner and nothing better to do than "go answer some questions coz it will be a great way to learn about culture and bond with fascinating people on the internet and whoopdy cunty doo", but really all these asspubes wanna do is blurt out their unwanted, boring, pathetic opinions on every question they see as if they're god or something. acting like they're much better than the question asker, for example
Q: (ordinary question)
his A: you're wrong for asking this and you should be thinking this way or that way and doing this and doing that and showing more respect towards bla bla bla and i'm much better than you

it's like listening to an old man's ranting about "kids today", but reading it, on the internet

older women: EXTREMELY easily offended trash that report questions like "how big is a sperm whale" for using the word sperm, they're like little kids running to the big "Y!A TEAM :D" to tell-tale to the grown ups when someone says a bad word, and the grown ups/Y!A owner wankers don't pay shit to what they're saying and just delete the account of the person they reported cause they're too lazy and useless to actually look into what had happened and what was really said

trolls: everyone's gonna hate me for saying it... the only cool people on the website, the people with a sense of humor that dont go into an offended frenzy and use the site to try and piss other people off for their own amusement. the people that dont take everything seriously and dont act like robots that "answer question ask question answer question ask question no vulgar explicit content report bad language have no personality give legitimate answers Type in full punctuation. be boring" and don't be slaves to the "Y!A community guidlines!:D:D OH BIDDLY DEE", which is basically a bunch of ridiculous rules that would suit nazi fucking germany. unfortunately you can't troll on here no more cause when you ask or answer questions with any hint of vulgarness your account gets deleted before you even GET any answers, for example i was gonna ask this question for fun and see the reactions

q: help i realy need help

i was at the park with my frends and we went over to a kid who was on his own and started calling him names and pushing him for fun then he started crying but it was only ment for fun and it was annoying me that he was crying so i went to the construction site across the road and got a steel bar and thort it would be funny to smack it over his hed so i did and he fell on the florr and stopped moving and ther was a big blood mark on his hed so i ran home and my frends on face book told me the police are looking for me now im realy scared what should i do please help

the first time i asked it it got deleted and the account got suspended before i could even get any answers from it, so i made another and tried again, same thing happened, no answers, just deleted straight away by over offended little cumstains

Anonymous said...

Why is all the questions more then 3 years old? I've notice the only ones active are Liberal propaganda ones where if you so much as say you want to marry a women you will be viewed as a gay hater.

Since when has it become to the point where if you marry a women you are suddenly a gay hater?

I see this as a reverse racism. We should've kept the Blacks as slaves. It did nobody any good to free them.

The blacks choose to be stuck in victim mode so it doesn't even HELP THEM to free them! It's like they secretly want to be slaves again but just don't admit it.

Sam Carpenter said...

Yahoo answers SUCKS because it is infiltrated by islamic bigots and yahoo has DELIBERATELY and INTENTIONALLY chosen to ignore this. Try asking ANY question on islamic fundamentalism or question the contents of q-rand aka quran or even if you refer to it as "religion of peace" for those folks who may want to answer a genuine question - you will find that the question is DELETED and YOUR MEMBERSHIP PERMANENTLY REVOKED . And you get a NASTY mail mentioning TOS violation ( the reason is somewhere in tos but we dont know or care where it is ) . THIS HAPPENS because there are REPORTING MONKEYS who search for keywords and flag your question. Yahoo's answer is - yahoo answers is a moderated site ( and the other part is the moderators are mullah shaikhs who cannot blow up our buildings again so now they sit on their satanic laptops and do this to us ) .
My right to free talk was violated by yahoo. US Constitution gives us freedom of speech and thought and we fight for this freedom daily BUT yahoo answers is ruled by sharia law and that is ok for Marrissa Mayer

Anonymous said...

I know this is pretty late (considering most comments are from 2010) but I just asked a question about dip dyeing hair on YA and someone freaking reported it and it got deleted! I didn't even say anything offensive or mean and it pisses me off so much. YA sucks, and I won't be using it again anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I must agree since I closed my entire account because of annoying people on Yahoo! Answers were driving me to the breaking point. I hated the replies that people make to horrible questions the people throw out. I was sick and tired of annoying people calling me an un-educated moron to thinking I'm some kind of joke to everyone. Yahoo! doesn't even do ANYTHING about the people who call others rude names! I just get real angry about it, so I shut down my entire Yahoo! Account because I can't stand horrible and annoying people because of how they don't care for other people's feelings. I agree that it is ran by little kids, but I guess I could try the website Sherwin suggested.

Alina Kountz said...

Yeah, Yahoo! Answers is such a failure right now because it's being ran over by trolls, little kids, and losers on there. I also had to delete my entire Yahoo! Account and I moved to Google Mail instead. It was really horrible there also because I was called a uneducated clown, moron, stupid, crybaby, etc. It sickened me and annoyed me that these trolls get away with everything, but the loyal ones are the ones who get in trouble. All the time, something has to do with religion everywhere, but the Asker always calls us names and how wrong and stupid we are.

If the Asker is ASKING for something, they need to stop fighting back like as if everyone is wrong and the Asker is always right. IT's always usually that if the Asker finds someone's answer that makes him feel good, he's going to choose that one anyways. Why bother answer such a question like that.

Another problem is entirely of how Yahoo! Answers is okay with everyone writing bad words, but when the trolls come around to spam on the loyal and innocent ones, the innocent people get in trouble and suspended! Man, this makes me darn angry already!!!

One way Yahoo! can fix this is if they shut down the entire format and use the older format, re-edit and re-arrange the entire thing and there. Yahoo! should try to fix the entire thing or the entire community is going to crash. They need to find a back-up plan than just sitting there and watching.

Mr. X-CLU$IV said...

Yahoo Answers! What can I say that hasn't been said by everybody else? NOT A F***ING THING! In fact, a lot of the complaints here are just as accurate as they can ever get. I never got any of my accounts banned, but any form of social media is only as good as the community, and Yahoo Answers is the EA of social media. You go on there hoping to get some help, or at least an intelligent response from an intelligent individual, and you get some ignorant answers, and sadly, they end up being the best answer if you leave them up for too long. That's because of the so-called voting system where people can vote on their own answers. There are also questions like "OMG! I'm I, like, hot to you guys???? Rate 1-10!!!!!!?" which makes me want to rip my hair clean off my head, and there's a question like that about once a second. Then, I asked questions on the Cell Phone section, to no avail. Most questions also seem like common sense. Does common sense even exist anymore? Then when you get a violation, the reason is unknown. They just say you violated Community Guidelines, while there are questions and answers that clearly violate it as well. I also love to see someone ask a question just to choose an answer that strokes their ego, doesn't answer their question, or they pick the answer just to respond to a jackass with a remark of his own and one star. "Yeah! That will show him. Give him the best answer when that was a case where it's alright to report somebody." God bless America and all of it's inhabitants, because we need to be blessed or something with idiots like these running around. Back to that voting thing, the reason why it sickens me that people can vote for their own answer, because once in a while, there can be people who deserve Best Answer, yet it takes just one vote to make a Best Answer. The questioner has no say, and it will be dead obvious that they'll be doing it, too. Yet, when I asked if people think if it's fair to do that for the sake of getting everybody else's two cents, those folks just kiss Yahoo's ass when voting is a broken system? I think there was one person who hated it, and it got deleted for some reason. I was level 6 with 20% Best Answers, but decided to delete my WHOLE Yahoo account just so I can get rid of Yahoo Answers. That is too excessive, but hey, just like Yahoo Answers, all of Yahoo's product are complete, utter pieces of s***.

WellOccupyThis! said...

Yahoo Answers are ran by corporations that only care about hate speech. People think it's left or right wing bias but it's actually big corporation biased.

If you say anything that exposes big industry corruption you will be immediately banned!!!

I think they are in cohorts with GLP and ATS for those who know what places I am referring too. He he.

We need to rise up and stop them from gaming the internet to the breaking point!!

Most grassroot people don't care because they are busy working two jobs to barely stay alive so have no time other then to play Oregon Trail trying to make their wagon not tip over when you caulk and float over just 3 FREAKING feet of water!!!

B Corporations are busy playing economic simulators to figure out

Kyle said...

All this censorship has made me feel tempted to kill myself as the internet is my only means to see the world due to my sucky life situation to make a very long drawn out story short.

I wish terrorists would actually target the right places that cause censorship instead of innocent people.

At leas the Oklahoma City bombing was the closest thing we ever had came to in terms of fighting cenorship as the bomber thought it was a government only facility and no civilians would be harmed.

He only wanted government agents attacked and had plans to target police stations which I think he should have done first to gain respect among people who are victims of American police brutality.

UK cops are the most friendliest bunch why? Other then that the only friendly cops in America seem to be small town ones as when I talk to them they always say hi back and actually smile.

I can tell when one cop is a transfer from the big city based on his/her gesture and attitude. I have a sixth sense that way.

joe said...

Yahoo is really the worst. Everything is broken.! when you call them them say that they may no be able to take your call and hang up!
Domain - Bad
Store - Bad
Email - Bad

Anonymous said...

Their website is full of report hungry users. Reporting is a fetish for them

Level 7 on Y!A said...

I have a Level 7 account, which I created in April of 2007 and reached that level just 6 months later in October, but I have pretty much quit using Y!A because I fear a suspension if I get another violation notice!!!

I had initially discovered the site in July of 2006, and by November of 2006, I had been suspended under 22 different ID's, created between July and November 2006. As a result, I had a very depressing Christmas in 2006, angry because 18 of those accounts were suspended in a batch for "point-gaming" in November, the Level 4 and Level 5ers having members since early July, and the 3 new accounts I made to restart were not only suspended, but fully deactivated (email disabled) after just 1 day of membership!!! So naturally, I didn't want to ask or answer anymore questions for the rest of the winter and didn't.

But I still had this burning desire to see what a Level 6 and Level 7 email would look like and wanted to prove to myself that I COULD reach Level 7 without "point-gaming" to get there! So I spent the whole spring, summer, and fall of 2007 diligently voting my limit ever single day, answering questions to the best of my ability, and avoiding questions with lots of other answers (i.e. celebrity questions).

But this "new," or 8-year-old account, having been at Level 7 for almost 8 years, has at least 15 violations, and that has made me not want to participate anymore!!! I like to think of this account as an accomplishment, rather than a "work in progress," and am therefore letting it collect virtual dust in the Y!A database of "retired" Level 7 accounts full of age-old questions that may now be obsolete.

It also doesn't help that in January of 2008, despite having NO CONTENT POSTED, another 7 of my puppet accounts (that had survived the November 2006 suspension) were suspended from Y!A only (email left intact) for no specified reason! And then in May of 2011, another 4 were suspended, and then again in July of 2013, another 8 were suspended, of which one was yet another Level 7 (I'd gotten bored with not reaching anymore new levels on my main account, so I created another one just to see how fast I could get there with the increased voting limits).

But now that Yahoo! Answers has done away with the Avatars, the voting system, and even the ability to see how many points a suspended user once had, and now that I've had a total of 41 suspended acccounts, my "lucky" 2007 one still active at Level 7, I'd rather just take comfort in the fact that I set a goal in 2007, reached it, and would like to keep it that way, even if it means never using those hard-earned points for anything but the ability to say, "I am at *Level 7* on Yahoo! Answers, aren't I special?"

Anonymous said...

A lot of non sensational questions are being deleted. It seems YA is going on a delete binge and more often the not on Google search results 3/4ths of the YA questions go to a 'This question is no longer valid and has been removed'.

I wish I could filter out YA from Google.

Stack Overflow has the same trolls now too.

I asked a question in the Harry Potter section if there is any fanfiction that deals with muggles finding the Wizard World either by accident or just by noticing odd things and not letting it go and I stated I don't care if the fic is good or bad just what's out there and my question got deleted for no reason. does indeed have some of those stories but it's not labeled well and you have to shift thru a bunch of BS.

Anonymous said...

What's left of Yahoo is stupid crap about your farting or marriage cry in your beer questions.

Anonymous said...

I think YA is ran by the same people who run GLP where you get auto banned for saying Tavi Stock or any variation in which the words will be edited to something else.

Above Top Secret does not let you mention GLP in any sentence and GLP does not let you mention Above Top Secret forums in any of their sentences.

It is believed by those who researched the companies that they work for each other and I frankly believe the entire web is compromised.

The rise of smart phones have made sure that people are unable to make their own webpage freely. Now it's all third party blogs or social media ran by the same corporations owned by higher powers.

Jack Smith said...

With the on call facility, you can call at the helpline number the time you feel the need and get the access to the email account for sorting out so many troublesome scenarios in just a little while.

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The Blockheads ELECTRICITY said...

I think it sucks because well when you first sign up on an iPhone YOU CANT ASK QUESTIONS. YOU CANT VIEW QUESTIONS. YOU CAN'T DO CRAP ON THAT WEBSITE CUZ ITS A BROKEN PIECE OF SHIZZ. For real, I thought I could, you know, MAKE AN ACCOUNT ON YAHOO ANSWERS. But it costs 5 FRIKIN' POINTS TO ASK A QUESTION! I bet it costs 50 points to VIEW a question because when you're logged in as a new member you get a BLANK SCREEN WITH NOTHING ON IT. How am I sopposed to use that bullcrap? I hope yahoo answers fixes their messed up and broken glitchy website. THAT IS THE WORST WEBSITE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! OH, PLEASE. I'VE SEEN HACKED WEBSITES WORK BETTER THAN THAT. Thank you for takin the time to read this and for understanding my opinion on why I think yahoo answers can go flush itself down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah fukken yahoo answers is a piece of shit. One time i asked a question about crossfiring two graphics cards but they didnt know what i was talking about so they reported it and i got an appeal and it got overlooked. Asked a question on WHY it was reported and gave out all the details on the question and some idiot thought I was asking something illegal like...really? People are so uneducated on that site because if they dont know what something is like a graphics card they just assume its illegal. Also a lot of users on there are hypocrites. One time there was a question on some parent catching his son with a bikini girl on his lockscreen on his smartphone and asked how should he be punished. They said its normal to have that. Some kid asked why his mom got mad at him for having a bikini girl on his lockscreen on his smartphone. They said his mom had every right to get mad...Hypocrites. *sigh* list just goes on and on :\

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers does indeed suck ass. Especially since they started requiring phone number for sign up about 3 or 4 tears ago. Answerbag sucksalnost as bad. Though at least Answerbag doesn'trequire phone number so I guess Anseerbag sucks a little less than Yahoo Answers but still sucks ass. Facistcrook(Facebook) is tge absolute worst. Not only do they require a phone number but require you ti give them yoyr ID and social security number. Which is not only wtong but illegal. A total violation of the 4th amendment right. If course our crooked corrupt government diesn't give a shit about the constitution and is in fact trying to gut it completely. And do many people are so fucking stupid that there willing yo give up all their freedom and have their constututional rights taken away if their told its for their safety. Like Benjamin Franklin said those who give up liberty for security deserve and grt neither and sadly we ate well on our way to losing both our freedom and secutity because dumbasses who are willing to sacrifice all their liberty if their told it will keep them safe. Which is exactly what Benjamin Franklin earned that we must never do.

Anonymous said...

Verizon took it over June 13, 2017. I was hoping they'd improve it but I don't see much of an improvement. Here is a sample of racism; do the following google search > n!gger (They filter out the n word but are too stupid and lazy to filter out the variants people make). So this is a testimony to their shame and disgrace.

Decent questions and answers, meanwhile, get reported. The reporting system is totally unfair. What people do is make 20 accounts, and when they see a question or answer they disagree with they report it. And these are the "trusted members of the community" that report posts!

Only a blind imbecile, or a lazy hypocrite not interested at all in a decent website, would have a user reporting system when obviously the users are often trash. They need moderators.

Their software sucks. Frozen screens are the order of the day.

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