Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pending Revelation

I just answered a few questions as Corky, Account 005. We'll see if any of them get the account suspended. While a bit on the rude side there isn't anything in the posts that I see as likely to get the account pulled. If the account is suspended, it's going to be because someone connected the posts to this Blog.

If Account 004 is still intact the next time I update, I'll probably go through and publish all the "Account 004" posts I've been saving as drafts. The fact that Corky remains uncensored is a good indication that being noted on this Blog isn't enough to get an account yanked. If anyone at Yahoo was watching this Blog they've either stopped or are no longer suspending accounts over it. If there were any Yahoo Answers users reporting the posts they've probably grown bored with the task.

So watch this space to learn all about the much hinted at Account 004!

Celebrity Death Pool, Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse?

Who will succumb to their drug addiction first - dying a lonely death? Britney or Amy Winehouse?
You are:
Corky P
Your Answer:
Amy Winehouse has checked herself into rehab and appears to be trying to get her life back in order.

Britney on the other hand has shown no signs of trying to get help. There's rumors of a personality disorder. There are further rumors that she's turning to Scientology, something that won't help her deteriorating mental state, as Scientology demonizes psychiatry, painting psychiatrists as being worse than the NAZI SS.

Britney is coming apart at the seams in a whole slew of ways, and has psychological issues well beyond the drug addition plaguing Amy Winehouse. Amy MAY have a relapse and OD, trying to take a drug dose she could handle in the past, but my money is on Spears.

Corky appears to be a grumpy old man to boot

Its 160 hard drive in a computer too little?

When I was in College, an 80 MB hard drive was considered HUGE, and you could expect to pay a dollar a megabyte for the privilege of such a roomy drive, and that's if you were getting a hard drive for a desktop. Laptop hard drives were, like now, far more expensive.

What are you DOING that you'd need 160 GB? Is your media library really that massive? Do you know how many MP3s you can store in that space at a decent (96 or so) bit rate???

Corky and the Hippy Dippy BS

This doesn't even answer the question. We'll see what happens.

I'm not stupid but I AM ignorant?

I'm a late bloomer when it comes to computers so I don't understand all the details when it comes to maintence.
When defraging a computer, what happens to the fragmented file, what is a continuous file, and what is accomplished by doing this. I said I was ignorant--I'm still have trouble wrapping my head around how the majic box works.
You are:
Corky P
Your Answer:
We are all ignorant on some topic.

Ignorance is not a bad thing unless you're ignorant on a topic about which you should be knowledgeable. A US President ignorant about foreign affairs is a disaster about to happen. For most people knowledge of foreign affairs is optional.

For example, I am hopelessly and pathetically ignorant on the topic of heart surgery. As I am not a doctor, this is not a problem.

Corky can be a real jerk

We both cheated, be he keeps denying?

I went out with and kissed another guy because I thought my bf was cheating on me. I had a right to worry because he is too friendly with other women, he stays out all night sometimes, and he acts like he doesn't want to spend time with me. But it turned out I was wrong-he never cheated. He was just flirting to make these girls like him, in order to feed his ego. About 1 week ago, I found out he did kiss another girl. He is denying it, of course. I called the girl to ask what was going on, and she told me they go out and kiss sometimes. The next day, she forwarded me a message that my bf left on her voice mail, saying that he was outside waiting for her to answer the door, and it was about 10pm. But he is denying that he was ever there, even though I have the proof. I keep thinking I deserve this because I kissed another guy too. I purposely drove him away because I'm hurt. Can I be upset since I did the same thing? Should I let this go or be upset since he won't tell me the truth?
You are:
Corky P
Your Answer:
You have two options:

1. Accept that this is a toxic relationship and break up.

2. Look into Polyamory as a way to deal with the fact that neither of you seems capable of monogamy.

Corky gets a best answer!

How about that? Posting a useful answer got me a "best answer".

Your engine is toast dude

If you fill your deisel with £62 worth of leaded petrol wot(sic) repair cost?

Head in clouds having recently fallen in love so is it my fault or hers?
You are:
Alex K
Your Answer:
Congratulations, you've blown out your engine. If you're lucky you just need a new engine, but you'd be an idiot to not get the fuel tank and hoses replaced as well.

Basically, if you can convince insurance to cover the cost or it's an expensive car, it's worth the repair. For most vehicles however, the cost of replacing the engine makes replacing the car cheaper.

If you're REALLY lucky, there's a technical school nearby that will take it on as a "training" vehicle, or there's a charity where you can donate it for a tax deduction.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Covering your tracks when surfing porn

Corky is being helpful this time, posting a clear, concise answer.

I was tempted to post a few more answers, but I figure the post below may be close enough to Yahoo's definition of "hacking" to get the account suspended. We'll see what happens.

I'm still using Account 004 and have several posts list as "Drafts." The account still hasn't been suspended.
can you help me please? i need to know how to delete browsing history?

from the address bar in firefox

thank you
Your Answer:
This only works in the more recent versions of Firefox: They made it much easier to do this a few months ago, but you have to upgrade to make it this easy to delete the history.

Click on "Tools"

Click "Clear Private Data"

Make sure "Browsing History" is one of the checked items.

Make sure "Authenticated Sessions" is NOT checked, or you'll be logged out of Yahoo Answers.

Click "OK"

Your Firefox browsing history is now cleared!

Is being gay a form of atheism?

I've answered another question under Account 004. The Question appears to be a bit of deliberate trolling. At least, I hope it's trolling. I knew plenty of people growing up who would follow the asker's logic.

My answer is an attempt at an honest one. I eschewed predictable and typical inflammatory replies and even tried to remain neutral on if being a Homosexual is a sin. I went straight for the compassionate answer I'd expect most pastors.

Is being gay a form of atheism?

Since it is counter to the teachings of most major religions.
You are:
Alex K
Your Answer:
That's a but like asking if having premarital sex is a form of atheism. Committing what your religion describes as a sin does not, in and of itself, constitute a lack of belief in God. Far from it, the conviction that we are sinners and at odds with God's will is the reason Christian belief is so heavily immersed in the concept of "undeserved forgiveness."

"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."
Grew up Christian

What the f---? Account 000 rears its head

Background: Account 000

I've never posted about it before, but there was an Account 000. It was the Yahoo account I signed up for a number of years ago that I actually used for e-mail, Yahoo groups and the like. I've never written about it before because it's the one Yahoo account where I can understand why it was suspended from Yahoo Answers.

A lot of people post questions asking how they can steal someone else's password. I largely ignored these questions. One day I stumbled upon a web site that had a list of directions that CLAIMED to allow you to get an account's password e-mailed to you. If you actually followed the directions you would in fact e-mail your own Yahoo password to the person whose account you were trying to hack. It was, in short, a way for dumb script kiddies to make total fools of themselves and possibly lose their passwords to someone they were trying to violate. It looked like a wonderful example of instant Karma.

In a moment of reckless, trouble making abandon, I used these directions as an answer to a number of "How can I steal someone's password?" questions. If anyone tried to follow the directions, they'd find the unpopular kid, ex girlfriend, what have you whom they were trying to attack would, in fact, have access to THEIR yahoo account.

Yahoo, naturally, took a dim view of these posts.

My beef was not with the fact that it was suspended, nor the fact that my rationale for the posts was rejected. I got riled up because it was clear from the post-suspension e-mail exchange that this was being handled by a bot spewing out form letters based on keyword matches. There was no indication that a human being had taken so much as a glance at the posts in question or read my appeal. I was reminded of the claim floating around that a guy had his account suspended for asking for advice on hacking his laser tag system. I created a second Yahoo account, Account 001, and this blog, to explore what, exactly, would get an account suspended.

Why I'm grousing about it now

The account, while still active for e-mail, groups and other Yahoo services, has been suspended for doing so much as editing Yahoo Answers preferences. This means I still get e-mail about account activity.

Congratulations, you've got a best answer and 10 extra points!

Account 000 was suspended in mid September. You'd think a suspended account would be, you know, suspended. This is not the case. All the undeleted answers I'd posted sat on Yahoo Answers, frequently being voted "Best Answer"

On Christmas Day, 2007, three and a half months after the account had been suspended, It once again won "Best Answer" for answering a question about Penis Enlargement pills.

According to Yahoo, 18% of the answers I posted under Account 000 were voted "Best Answer." It had been rated a "Top Contributor" a number of times and had a total of 7,188 points, bringing it to Level 5.

I'd be very surprised if Account 000 wins any more "Best Answers" as I doubt there are any pending questions left. Here, in all its glory, is what should be the last "Best Answer" Account 000 will garnish:
Q: Penis Enlargement??
Is Penis Enlargement pills or medicine safe to use.May it cause any type of side-effects.

A: Those pills are just a scam to separate the ignorant from their money.

You won't get a bigger wang out of a bottle of pills kid.

But Wait, there's more!

Why send a violation notice to a suspended account? These nit-wits won't let me turn off the notifications, because that part of the account is suspended. Despite the fact that the account has been suspended, despite the fact that there's nothing more I can do about the account, despite the fact I can't even go back and edit or delete any potentially offending posts, Yahoo Answers still sent me a notice that they'd deleted more of the "How to hack a Yahoo password" posts I mentioned above.

This notice was sent on December 15, Three months after the account had been suspended. I know this is just an automated process, but it's still annoying. What are they going to do, suspend the account again? Suspend the account from other services like IM and e-mail?

It strikes me as a waste of time and resources, and a great way to get Yahoo added to the Spam filter on many suspended accounts.