Monday, October 8, 2007

Yet Another Login

I'm trying again. This will make the THIRD Yahoo Account I've created for using Yahoo Answers, and I have yet to receive any information from Yahoo on WHY the first two were suspended.

The fact that one of the service e-mails reminded me to read the Terms of Service carefully if I created another account tells me that Yahoo isn't banning me for creating new accounts.

First, I'll answer a question in EXACTLY the same way I've seen "Best Answer" rated questions be answered.

The question is:

My brother has pain in the genetic reigeon during urination. This is a symptom of some disease. How to cure it

He complaints of pain and a burning sensation while urinating.
this is probably a symptom of some disease which can be sexually transmitted.
Is there any Natural cure.
he has stopped complaining of this since a month and this lasted for around a week or so.
Is it ok right now(the pain has stopped).

Here's my unimaginative, useless reply, crafted to resemble the responses that Yahoo Answers tends to leave on the question.

He needs to get to a doctor Right Away. There's not enough information to diagnose the problem in your post but he needs to see a doctor.

Let's see if THAT gets me banned. I'm not looking for a "Best Answer" here, I just want to find out what it is that keeps getting me banned. After posting this lone, pathetic "answer" I'm going to leave the account alone for a few days just to see what happens.

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