Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Racist Posts

In my October 8, 2007 post Why Aren't the Racists Suspended? I linked to the questions, answers and profile of a rather racist and inflammatory individual on Yahoo Answers. The account appears to have been suspended and the questions deleted.

My first thought was "Perhaps they DO deal with those complaints." I decided to do some digging. I easily found a new question (less than an hour old when I found it) where some inflammatory little jerk asked:
Why can't black women on the maury show find there baby father?

85% of the time a black women(usually fat) is usually the on Maury show can't find her baby daddy.You never see one of us Indian/Asian women on there.They slept with like 7 0r 8 men.How can someone that represents %6 percent of America be so bad?
Well, that question doesn't prove anything because it's too NEW. It's entirely possible that no one has even had a CHANCE to report it, let alone for the mods to delete it. I decided to go hunting for older samples of racist content. My goal was to see what kind of racist content could be found by searching for "resolved" questions, onces for which a "best answer" had already been chosen.

At first, I was pleasantly surprised. At first, I found very little. The first thing I found was some "white pride" propaganda. I found this noteworthy because I've had accounts suspended for far less than the list of "observations" posted by Prashant. My issue with the post was not that it was still there, but that it's existence revealed a disturbing double standard. While the account that posted the question has apparently been suspended, the question and it's answer remain. Why was this spared when the account was suspended but my answer explaining the meaning of the SPCA acronym was deleted?

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