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Corky the Brewmaster??

How can I make wine?

I've looked it up on many sites but they're all telling me how to make 5 gallons at a time. I can get my hands on a lot of berries, but not that many berries. lol. SO basically, what I'm asking is, can anyone give me some steps on how to make 1 or 2 gallons at a time? (I grow my own berries, but I can also go out and buy them if I need to.)

Corky's useful (No really) reply:

Scale down all the ingredients except the yeast. Just follow the directions you already have with the reduced quantity of grape juice. Try making a gallon to start. Using more yeast at the start will just make the fermentation process a little faster.

Talk to folks at your local brewing supply store. They might have some tips on "Small batch" brewing or information on sources of cheap grape juice.

Try doing a gallon. Get a one gallon glass container. You also need an airtight plug that's been fitted with an appropriate air lock, so air can escape without wild yeasts or bacteria getting in.

Be sure to reduce the sulfides appropriately or the Yeast will be killed off as well as any "Bad" bacteria.

Of course, if the poster didn't already know most of this, it just means his research consisted of about five minutes on Google. A half hour of research should be enough to at least find a few good books to check out of the library. I deliberately left out a few terms just because I was cheesed off by his lack of basic research.

Corky tells it like it is

I decided to post a few answers in using Account 005.

SEO Advice?

Anyone out there have any great advice or system that they use for their search engine optimization?

My Answer:

Yeah, I call it "Editing."

There's no magic software that makes your site perfect and makes Search Engines send a whole lot of data to it. You need to pick your search terms and write your content to use those terms.

Apparently Mexican marriages aren't valid in the USA

Married n mexico and texas?

my dad married his 1st wife in mexico ,but didnt' gt a divorce frm her.Now she wants to claim his benefits and retirement funds can she?? Then he married my mom without getting a divorce here in TEXAS..Oh my dad has passed that's why all this is goign on..what can my mom do does she have any rights..

To paraphrase Pascal, I cannot imagine the confusion of ideas that would lead to such a question. The asker is either a prankster, or somehow thinks Mexican marriages shouldn't be valid in the USA.

I posted the following reply as Alex K:

It doesn't matter what country the wedding happened in. Your Father was a bigamist when he was "Married" to your mother and his marriage to her was invalid and illegal.

He was living in sin with her the whole time they were together.

Alex wants some Advice

I've posted a new question from Alex. I'm interested to see what kind of answers I get if any.

How should I handle this coworker?

I was talking to a coworker about "The Sound of Music" and she insisted the family was Catholic! I told her they were Jewish and that was why the NAZIS were after them but she didn't believe me. THEN she said that you could go to their ski resort in Vermont! I told here "It's just a movie" but she insisted it was a TRUE STORY. I told her in the movie they went to Switzerland but she said after the movie they went to the USA and opened a ski resort.

How would you deal with a coworker like that who thinks a silly musical is TRUE???

And apparently Alex is fairly Conservative to boot.

Uncomfortable with a religious coworker?

The computer guy has a picture of something he calls the FSM in his cube and he talks about Pirates when I bring it up. I ask him about it and he says it's a religion and he follows it, but that thing looks like a demon to me. What do I do about a coworker who worships demons? Should I tell the owner? I'm worried his Satanism might bring demons into the office, like that woman who had a statue of Buddha before we made her get rid of it.

What should I do? I don't want to be seen as some sort of fanatic but I also don't want to expose myself to Satan!

How can I get rid of this evil influence in the office without making my coworkers think I'm crazy?

After getting a couple dozen replies I added the following "Details"

OK, I know some people think I'm being paranoid about this tentacle thing he has at his desk but it's NOT a good thing and I don't care if people think it;s just a joke. It's a DEMON and is UNNATURAL and it's telling him pirates are good but pirates are thieves rapists and murderers.

And the Buddha statue was making people sick and bringing demons into the office until we got rid of it. Satan is real and he used eastern mysticism to attack us and hide his demons which is why we don;t let people bring hippie crystals in either.

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First of all, the link is probably an attempt to steal data from you. While it's an IP address, it's t trying to use the certificate for west.com.

Second, the error is that you aren't authorized to view the page. You need a login that will let you load the content at the URL.

You need to get in touch with the folks who run and sign up for an account. It's also possible that their server has a configuration problem that prevents it from serving the object to people on the Internet.


I find it amazing that Account 000 is STILL getting voted "Best Answer" for anything.

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