Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another Round of Dull Answers

Today I continue posting more dull, lifeless answers in an attempt to get a feeling for what Yahoo Answers is looking for.

Here's a typically vapid, pointless "question" someone posted.

This is Bill Cosby. Kids, what do you best know me from? Is it the film Ghost Dad?
For example, William Shatner is best known for a film he did in Esperanto. I also heard a rumor he did this tv series that took place in space.

What would you say you best know me from?
Of course someone else already said "The Cosby Show" and even though I know the "Safe" answer is to repeat the obvious I decided to go for something that's at least a LITTLE different. I replied with:
"Bill Cosby: Himself" and "Leonard Part 6"
I now, I know, by Yahoo Answers standards it's an edgy response but sometimes you just have to live dangerously, you know?

Some of my other recent answers:
Q: Has Anyone Actually Received Any Money By Forwarding Chain Letters To Friends?
A: I think they're all scams. I don't know anyone who ever got any money but I know a lot of people who forwarded the e-mails.

I figure the above answer is safe, as there are a LOT of posts debunking things like the Yahoo Lottery scam that's been floating round for ages.

Q: how can i ask my mom for the pill without her thinking i want to have sex?
im 13 and i'd like to get the pill, just in case! and since most of my friends are boys my mom already suspects i do things with them, yes its true most of them are older but my mom thinks i do more than i actually can i ask her inoccently without her thinking i want to have sex or i'm a **** who wants the pill so i can go round sleeping with everyone if i can get the pill?
A: I don't think any doctors will prescribe it to you that young unless there's some sort of medical problem. Ask your doctor for some advice. She'll probably tell you you're too young anyway.

I'm playing a few cards here. First, I'm being vaguely conservative by stating a 13 year old is "too young" for the pill. Never mind the fact that most 13 year olds are already menstruating and there's a sizable percentage that is already sexually active at that age. I also make an appeal to seeking a doctor's advice without speculating about any actual medical issues beyond the vague phrase "unless there's some sort of medical problem." Finally I stick to what appears to be a Yahoo Answers golden rule, I'm not actually providing any useful information.

I'll leave things sit for now and see what happens.

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