Thursday, December 13, 2007

Account 005

A while back I posted some theories about WHY my accounts were being banned on Yahoo Answers. I've been using Account 004 to post test some of these theories. So far the account has survived. One of my theories was that someone was reading this Blog and either reporting my answers and questions, or was a Yahoo employee suspending my accounts when they showed up on this blog. In order to test for this scenario, I've kept all my posts about Account 004 as drafts and won't actually publish them until the account is suspended.

The fact that account 004 has survived so long tells me that I'm getting the hang of writing the kind of mindless answers that Yahoo likes to leave on the site.

The problem is, I want to have some posts that go live NOW damn it! In order to do this, I'm going to create Account 005. I'll post the kind of vapid, mindless replies that represent what appears to be the average Yahoo Answer and post them here.

If the account is suspended, then I'll know for certain that this Blog is a factor in an account being suspended. If it's not suspended then I'll have some strong evidence that Yahoo probably isn't banning my accounts because of this Blog.

Meet Corky Pad, Yahoo username: padcorky

Corky Pad has already answered her first question:
What is your favorite teams biggest weakness?

One thing they need to work on or someone they need to get rid of, anything at all that you would consider to be their biggest weakness.

Corky's reply:
They do really well the first half of the season, but tend to choke under pressure once expectations start to build of a good season.

I'll freely admit the answer is so vague that it could apply to several teams in a variety of sports. Twins fans will know exactly what I mean.

Let's see if Corky can still post to Yahoo Answers in the morning.

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