Monday, July 27, 2009

Corky's Best Answers!

One Conservative who isn't afraid to tell it like it is:?
Probably the only thing I agree with Mike Savage on:
Hush Bimbo - a political mouthpiece for the GOP and nothing more.

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Sounds like a fun read, got a link to the transcript?

Corky got another round of "Best Answer" votes. It's depressing the kind of answers that lost out to the vapid, sound byte friendly drivel posted under the name of Corky.

Help: What are some business documents...? Please answer?
used for the efficient transaction of businesss in your country? and what's the reason of their use of any three?


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They're documents used to run a business like a balance sheet and a lawbook and bills and invoices and stuff.

Why do loggers cut down trees ?
im doing a project on deforestation, one of my questions is why do loggers cut down trees ? also another of my questions is Why are there droughts ?
does anybody know the answer in full ? thanks x

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Logger cut down threes because someone needs to cut down the trees so we can use them for paper, building supplied and frat paddles.

Where can i get the soundtrack for spore?
hi i would like to get the music from the video game spore.
any one know where i can get it?
dont say itunes i checked there

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LOL! Play the game and you'll hear it.

How do you access an email address?

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You go to the web site that hosts it and log in.

Where do i buy a credit card for

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You apply for one at

Need 100 business phone lines for cheap?
I am adding a telemarketing division to my business, but I want to keep my expenses down. Does anyone know of a phone company or phone service who would be very inexpensive for 100 phone lines?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Telemarketing is evil, but you have to outsource it to India or it'll cost too much to run. They have whole packages to make it cheap.

What causes your throat to itch?
sometimes my throat gets REALLY itchy and it makes me cough like crazy..i sound like im dying.

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An allergy or a dried out throat. Try sleeping with a humidifier. If that doesn't work see an allergist.

Is george bush a reptilian?
look at this very intresting youtube video about his eyes being slit.

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Nah, he's not articulate enough to be a reptilian. They're more careful about the beings they put in public facing positions like that.

Could i have herpes?? HELP!!!?
ok so my little sister is thirteen and had her first kiss last friday now she has sores in her mouth me and my other sister are taking her to get tested hopefully tuesday. im fifteen and she used my chap stick yesterday before she told me and i used it right after her. could i have herpes and if i can how high are my chances? all answers would be greatly appreciated thank you so much

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LOL! I don't know, maybe.

I want to download the song mothership remix.mp3 by enter shikari where can i get a hold of it?

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I think has it for sale, so does iTunes.

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