Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yahoo Answers Sucks

On October 4 I created a Yahoo Answers Account and spent a little time answering all the questions I could. I used up my quota for the first day and moved on. When I next checked my e-mail I found the following message:

Date: 04 Oct 2007 13:10:02 -0700
From: "Yahoo! Answers " Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
Subject: Yahoo! Answers Suspension Notice

Hello THe Grand Bastard(bulkhater)

You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your account has been suspended.

If you feel you were not in violation, please contact our Customer Care and tell us why.

Yahoo! Customer Care
I started wondering what the heck had happened. I wracked my brain for an explanation and sent the following:

Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 14:05:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Bulk Hater" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Why was I suspended???
I'm confused, why was I suspended?

What did I do wrong?
I waited a while and got no response, so I sent another message.

Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 14:16:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Bulk Hater" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Still confused
Was I suspended because of my Screen Name? I'll change it if that was the problem.

Was I suspended for telling that woman that the flashes in her vision could be a detaching retina? Because I had a friend who had a detached retina and needed emergency surgery and that was one of the symptoms she had.

Did I really get suspended just because I gave an answer that
wasn't a "feel good, everything will be fine" response?
Still no response. I was getting really upset with the lack of a response from Yahoo Answers. If you're going to "suspend" an account at least have the decency to tell someone WHY you're doing it.


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Anonymous said...

Yes it really sucks.
I wasted time on giving answers.
But some idiot/stupid has reported abuse just for giving some software names.
Idiotic website and idiotic questions?
Yahoo answers sucks

Sherwin said...

Yahoo Answers is swamped by a bunch of kids asking irrelevant questions.

If you want to find real answers, is the place.

Anonymous said...

I think Yahoo! Answers is run by a bunch of little kids. I just recently started experimenting with Yahoo! Answers, only to discover that I had already "asked" a question. (?!)

After more investigation, I finally figured out that my under-13 daughter had submitted a question on my computer, apparently not realizing that my browser was auto-logged-in to Yahoo! under my account.

I've contacted Yahoo twice to get them to delete the question, but they refuse to do anything about it, simply quoting to me from the FAQ.

My latest salvo angrily informs them that they're not being helpful, that the question was asked by a child under the age of 13, was not asked by me, and is inappropriately displayed on my profile page.

At this point, I would love it if only they'd "ban" me and erase all my activity! Really, I don't want to have anything to do with them.

Anonymous said...

They suck completely.

A friend of mine asked why women hate on each other so much; it was deleted because it was "inappropriate".

Last night, I asked "Have you drank the Kool-Aid yet?" in the polls section (some had posted the same question as a troll question in religion a year ago). I got a ton of fun answers until someone had to report me because it was "inappropriate".

Meanwhile, a million teenagers a day ask if they are really hot, if some boy that doesn't even know them is in love with them, etc.

What a bunch of b.s.

Anonymous said...

True. People put stupid and false things on it all the time, an idiots report everything they see. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true. Yahoo Answers truly sucks. If you actually bother to provide accurate, reliable, verifiable information with links, someone will consider it solicitation and report it.

The staff at Yahoo Answers is either too lazy or too stupid to be able to distinguish between spam and a link that provides more information relevant to the question.

What an utter waste of time.

toadaly said...

Indeed. Yahoo answers sucks. 360 was a complete mess. Their services are so buggy, you have to wonder if anyone who actually works at yahoo has ever used them.

Anonymous said...

They do suck because not only are some of the answers hairbrained but the people who ask the questions don't know how to select the best answer!

Case in point, someone asked a historical question: How did ABC use XYZ? Now I happened to do my PhD dissertation on a topic that included the topic of this question. And so I replied, based on YEARS of research, that XYZ simply didn't exist in that time and included a link to my dissertation. Now, some idiot, who claimed to have recently gotten a degree of some kind in my field, went on to explain how ABC used XYZ, even though if she was competent and knew anything, she would know that XYZ didn't even exist! Now, the moron who posted the question chose the ignorant answer as the best one, even though with my Ph.D. on said topic, I definitely knew that the question itself was flawed and my answer 100% was the most accurate. I was so insulted and dismayed.

Anonymous said...

lol, yahoo answers is the worst idea in the technological era.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion one of the worst features of "Yahoo Answers" is the fact that in order to ask a question you must answer a quota of questions to keep an input output ratio level. Due to that, you will have cuntbricks from anywhere and everywhere simply reiterating your question or garbling it or giving a "find the answer yourself" which involves using unfruitful, overused websites or means. Every once in a while you will find a few people that have some sort of insight into the topic.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I hate the stupid forum.
I've had plenty of violations which I might be able to agree with.
I don't get how an answer voted as "Best answer" could be deleted for not being an answer.

Does the mere act of it being voted as best ANSWER not make it an answer?

I am now going on a mission to see how quickly I can get suspended.

Anonymous said...

I have decided to stop answer questions on yahoo answers as well.

I used to spend a fair amount of time answering questions because I enjoy helping people (not because I'm a know it all). I would even research the answer to make sure it was accurate, provide links, etc...
only to have the answer go to a vote!

I find it disrespectful to not choose and answer to a question asked, and when left to a vote, usually the first answer gets selected.

I blame the points systems utilized, 2 points for answering - 1 point for voting?

I also enjoy history quite a bit, but have noticed that most questions posted are homework questions. I'm not there to do the homework for lazy children!

I have decided to never go back.

Anonymous said...

One of the big reasons Yahoo Answers sucks is because you basically have a bunch of uninformed yahoos... no pun intended... rendering their personal opinions on things. It's not an "answer" source in any way - you might as well just walk into a bar and ask for all of the patrons' opinions. The result will be about the same.

Jim McKisik said...

Yahoo Answers is made for dumb-ass teenagers who know nothing other than their own vanity.
Their are better sites out there. One of my favorites is

Anonymous said...

Yes, the website suck! It's such a waste of time. I got fed up with browsing countless silly questions in search of some good question to respond to. And the worst part is - they don't let you delete your profile. Even if you deleted your Yahoo! account, the questions and answers would stay there!

Rune said...

Yahoo Answers is apparently run and used by teenage girls, soccermoms, and rednecks, who are all terribly offended at just about anything.

And don't get me started on "customer service". I intentionally spammed every question I could find and made several of my own, and only a few of them got deleted. My account is still active.

Anonymous said...

Real worthless site, run by a bunch of crybabies, whiners,teenage kids. I found it easy to get kicked off for telling the truth, not swearing or insulting anybody. From the questions it seems they are not doing much to enforce the over 13 age rule either. My advice, don't bother.

Sherwin Shao said...

You guys have got to try

Mature audience sharing knowledge, and an simple ultra-fast interface.

Anonymous said...

I never got banned but the questions are freaking retarded. If you put the most accurate and thought out answer they will never pick it. They just pick what they want to hear. It is flooded by a bunch of stupid kids.

Anonymous said...

Er, none of you guys pimping the "" sh*t wouldn't be spammers by any chance??

The internet is ruined!!

Anonymous said...

uh, there's more to life than yahoo answers.

you made a blog? OH come on already, what, you lose sleep over this petty garbage?


Anonymous said...

What mostly sucks about Yahoo Answers is the users who give pathetic answers and don't know jack sh*t about a certain subject. Like this time I asked if I should upgrade my processor and I got an answer saying "I dunno".

This site is just a retarded as youtube.

Anonymous said...

It Really Sucks man, I Made another account about three days ago (My 1st one that was lvl5 got suspended..suprise..) And I Did not get one Answer or Question Violation. They just told me I Was suspended.

Y!A Sucks! I Wish I could kill that Little Gerbil

Anonymous said...

i know it's bullshit look at this

Question: My dog was sprayed by a skunk this morning,Help!!?

Question Details: I have to get him in the bath,what can I use to get rid of the smell?

Deleted Answer: put him to sleep... it is the only solution i can think of... r.i.p. doggie

i mean i am trying my hardest

Anonymous said...

I don't even go to Yahoo Answers anymore. It's too frustrating.

If you're the type of person who actually enjoys learning and helping others, you should avoid that place like the plague.

Anything helpful you post will most likely be ignored and unappreciated.

Anonymous said...

This link pisses me off. To what the person asks, there IS codes/passwords for secret characters in that game...
"-konoha's first"
"-the first's brother"
"-akatsuki shark"

But I can't answer the stupid thing, and some reject has best answer.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo is the gateway between the internet, and people who are new to the internet(including jocks, gangster wannabe and bratty teenagers). They suck, they're annoying, but luckily they can't go far to the internet where we are now on. Now that I'm convinced, I'll won't use YA.

NCWall said...;_ylt=AsHrXW8SQOBmu.ZJgOvtCVaLxQt.;_ylv=3?qid=20080831125037AA3hSa3

Anonymous said...

So I was wondering if Mormons were the same as 7th Day Adventists...I didn't think so but wanted to confirm. Googled it and the 4th hit was a Yahoo answer...

Yahoo Answers most popular response to this is: "in Gods eyes yes....they both deny his holy word." I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

I opened an account thinking I'd be up and running in no time but was bombarded with too much information. Keep it simple. I'm not interested in finding out about all of Yahoo's services under the sun at once. I had no idea what information in my profile was available publicly. I couldn't read their Captchas. They didn't make it quick and easy to close my account...which is a guaranteed way to make me close an account with anyone.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous on June 24, 2008 11:36 PM
go away, you suck

Lissa said...

I, too, despise yahoo answers. That site is truly mucking up my google searches and I hate the fact that misinformation is being so widely spread. When a question asker picks the best answer, the topic locked as "Resolved." I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a resolved question with an obviously wrong "best answer." And then you can't do much to set the record straight - the topic is locked, and the wrong answer is recorded there for god knows how long.

I'm seriously considering writing a letter to google to get them to remove YA from search results.

Sherwin Shao said...

We should rise up and revolt!

Heheh... seriously, fixes the biggest problems in Yahoo Answers, including allowing the best answers to be continually improved upon.

Anonymous said...

there are times if you don't pick the right answer, it automatically does it for you. And whenever you ask a question, it only gives people a certain amount of time to answer. I remember there was a time when one of my questions was deleted by those assholes, cuz they must of thought that it was "inappropriate" (bullshit!). Their customer service SUX BALLS! whenever I ask them to fix a problem, they'll sit on their ass and say, "Oh we're sorry, We may not be able to fix your problem".
I am so glad I switched to Blurtit, cuz I swear on my grandma's grave, I am never going back to Yahoo Answers!

"Yahoo sucks! Blurtit rocks!"

Anonymous said...

wtf..happens there..u see..ppl create fake ids..n if u report it..they delete ur id..i mean common man..u know..some1 from my group created my fake id..i just reported it n next day..i m banned from yahoo..give me break..are these ppl here to just clap down flies n mosquitoes?..u know..i hav lost..almost 8-10 ids..frm his "yahoo answers" i m not gonna join it..they suck completly!!..

Anonymous said...

Miley101 said...

I know,seriously! The point of the website is to ask questions,yet you lose points for asking one???It's pretty innappropriate too. They don't moderate them either it's like they ask,Do you like the jonas brothers?And someone replies:hiiii. Also,the asker always picks best answers as one saying like,"You suck,loser!!!!"and then they just put 1 star and is mean back. IT SUCKS

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yahoo Answers is really such. When i have just reached the level 2 and my account was suspended and i don't no why. How ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

It is getting close to election time and posting references to McCain being my choice, I was always getting reported for abuse. There are trolls that look through categories for your user name and reporting abuse just because they don't like my showing support for anyone other than Obama. My account was suspended.

Anonymous said...

OMG someone asked where they could find something (the recently publicized zero dollar art print). I posted that it would be available for free at an art gallery showing on Oct 24th in NYC & I cited the website of the artist as my source. I am in no way affiliated with this gallery but even if I was the Yahoo tos says it's OK to post info like that as long as it pertains to the question being asked. Yahoo told me I am terminated for good & cannot be reinstated & I still don't know why.

Yahoo Answers sucks major ass.

Anonymous said...

As a new account I spent a few blissful months answering in the Math category. My bliss was was shortlived after I hit Level 6. Suddenly, I got 6-10 consecutive Violation Notices a day. I appealed all of them as I knew my answers were legit - got no reply from them. Then a week later I was notified through an automated email message that my account was suspended - no detailed reason was given.

Yahoo!Answers really sucks big time!

Anonymous said...

what do you expect with a name like Yahoo!

Pi**ed said...

THIS IS BULLSH*T my accountname was not infriging at all, it was TheloPhone, i answered and asked good questions like...

"How do i upload my own songs to Itunes" and "How do i make another frame in flash" <-- noob question i know -_-

yahoo deleted almost all my questions.
but when someone asks "What is the pink pulps i have on my dick" the question gets 5 stars, and doesnt get deleted.

yahoo! hates when you mention another business than yahoo! and such..

lets make new accounts and spam Questions saying: "YAHOO ANSWERS FUCKING SUCKS"

Anonymous said...

Yahoo answers is complete shit. Everytime I answer questions I get suspended. The worst part is I check my email and see two emails. You got a best answer. You are suspended. WTH?! How can I get best answers and still get suspended. Seems that some asshats are running the show over there and its no wonder the company continues to tank. It's nice they always leave the shit answers up which are just links to some website that has nothing to do with the questions.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the thing with best answer = suspension is funny.
A buddy of mine just called me telling me that i better stay away from it and offer my help somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Yes it realy sucks!

teenagers,gengster and horny girl love to use yahoo answer, and why their account was not suspend.

I dont know why my account was suspended coz my username is "Allthatlolz" yahoo answer is realy terrible and sucks!

this is sucks question i found.

"Why my dogs love to fight cat?" <<
worst question in history"

what i hate the girls use to answer like
"why my pu**y is wet?" <<<< why this answer was not delete.

yahoo sucks like bu**shit


girls use yahoo answer to get popular with asking a horny question, what a bitch.

Pudding said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yes Yahoo Answers suck. I answered to one question who wanted free Paypal, stating that AlertPay is another option and it was deleted! What is this? (Are they pro-Paypal or what? This is really absurd!)\

Eventually, I got suspended and they didn't even highlight the proper reason why I was suspended, and just redirected me to their community guidelines.

Yahoo Answers team are just not professional! Don't you agree here?

Someone please make something like Yahoo answers and get people to support. Yahoo needs competition or it will enjoy its monopoly way too much to be bothered truly about its users.

Anonymous said...

Please also visit my blog to read the whole story about why Yahoo Answers sucks:

I know that maybe people think that I may be soliciting, but I'm not. Too bad Yahoo thinks I am, and they are really very wrong.

Anonymous said...

was level 6, with 6% best answers. They never told me why I was suspended, but I'm guessing it was because I got in an argument with this bratty little girl who didn't think men should be answering in the women's health section (I have medical training).
I have another account, but I will be going back seldom if at all. And I won't be answering any more questions!
I will just use it to meet people, I've made a few friends that way.

Anonymous said...

yahoo answers is run by a bunch of liberal teenagers. if you right anything like gay marriage is bad you get like banned. when i wrote gay marriage should be illegal some idiots reported me

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers is not worth anything
Anymore to me, they show favourtism
To the 13 yr. olds, I know that they cuss on there and asked sexually inappropriate questions and yet they give them a pass, to
Yahoo Answers give me a violation
all you want, but stopping people
From speaking their mind will only
Make them speak their minds even More!!!, so there ha!, ha!

Anonymous said...

5000 points, 38% best answers, suspended for no good reason. Just so happened that the best answer I was suspended for was telling someone how to get the best results from Google ad-words. While banal questions and answers from love sick teenagers, spammers and weirdos apparently go 'unpunished'. Fuck trying to help anyone but myself from now on.

Anonymous said...

yahoo answers truly does suck and their customer services is rather lacking.Ill give you all a tip dont even bother send anything to their supposed customer service.Its a joke.I wrote to them regarding a concern I had and I got a letter back saying they read my question and it violated their guidelines..thing is I never asked a question.I was voicing my concern.Just goes to show they dont even bother to listen.

Rawr >_> said...

Yahoo Answers really does suck. Some retard who asks a question chose "I DON'T KNOW" as the best answer. It happens in almost EVERY question. And then the gangster wannabes with their leet usernames begin to flame people for liking anime. It's dumb. Screw YA.

Anonymous said...

Most answers end with "LOL". What more proof do you need?

bob hays said...

yahoo answers sucks, thet give you violations just for fun when their was nothing wrong with you posted answer!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All my question was, was a different type of question, Can I get anyone here to plya Anarchy Online? And you know what? Some Ass said "Nope not me:P i got bored of it and now im addicted to tribal wars" and after he answered he voted his answer the best which yahooanswers seemed to have no restricion against that, and Worst yet i could not change IT because it said, "you need to be level 5 to erase an answer" or "you need to be level 8 to block a user from posting" and i still couldn't change it in fact when i tried to select a different answer as the "best answer" was already voted by the idiot who disagreed with me, it said best answer as voted by users, and yet it wouldnt let me choose another answer to be the best, nor could i just stop it from being the best answer.

I try to spread the word about the most innovative MMO, and what do I get? Some obnoxious casual gamer who enjoys a game where the gamplay consist's of WAITING!

I sent multiple messages to Yahoo to try reason with them to stop it from being the best answer, But GUESS WHAT!? I GET ABSOLUTLY NOTHING BACK!

the pointless leveling system sucks, the customer service sucks, and the fact that a user can vote his answer the best really pissed me off.

Anyone who worked on this abomible pile of rotten crap deserves to be Tazed pinfully to death.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers is effin ridiculous. I am a teenager and even I'M annoyed by other teens on Y/A. Insecurue girls or boys who lack in self confidence or people who are just fishing for compliments asks this question EVERY SINGLE DAY in the Beauty and Style section: "Am I Ugly/Pretty?" "Guys, how do I look? Rate me 1 - 10?".
Ugh. Y/A claims that asking those type of questions is chatting and chatting is a violation of the Community Guidelines. If it's a violation, how come those questions never get deleted? And Y/A allows them to keep asking it over and over again? Those who ask that question are ugly anyway so why do they feel the need to ask? Why do people lie by responding "Oh ur sooo preeti!"???
Probably to get best answer.
YAHOO ANSWERS SUCKS. I can't wait for someone who is wise enough to come along and tear their butts out of business!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have gone through three accounts in the past 3 days. One I did not even answer a question I really hate Yahoo answers, BTW I have had 6 accounts :D

Anonymous said...

I applaud whoever created this blog. I can see so many other people who are pissed off with that pointless website. Just look at this violation notice I received this morning:
Hello ***** (***************)

You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your content has been deleted. Community Guidelines help to keep Yahoo! Answers a safe and useful community, so we appreciate your consideration of its rules.

Deleted Question: POLL: What year were you born?

Question Details:

Violation Reason:Community Guidelines and/or Terms Of Service Violation

If you feel this content was removed in error, please contact Customer Care and tell us why.

Yahoo! Customer Care

I asked that question in the Polls & Surveys section and I don't see how in the hell that violated anything! It was just a stinkin poll! I'm going to where people are serious there and not infected with retards and stupid teens.

Anonymous said...

Ya i got banned for no god damn reason what so ever. The olny thing i can think of is having my name as FagBalls but they never said change my name or im kicked or anything. They just kicked me. And there is nothing offensive about my name. Its just fagballs. Its not like Racisist101.

Anonymous said...

Was level 5, with 20% best answers, and then suddenly account suspended, for life, with no explanation given. And then, a new account, level 2, same again.

Yahoo Answers sucks dogs dicks!

Anonymous said...

"Yahoo Answers sucks big time."
I asked a qustion on 1/10/2009 and got suspended the next day. I wanted to know why, cause I did not asked anything that would break their rules. Also I have found out that the suspensions are permanent unless a person can win an appeal. "Who got time to do an online appeal that could take forever. They need to close Yahoo Answers permanently."

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Answers is such a cruel, sarcastic, heartless and critical website.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo silences free speech with the report button and the politics section is fucking ridiculous. I made my own anti Yahoo blog a while back and it is worth checking out so people will at least know that we are out there standing up to yahoo.

Anonymous said...

they suspended my long time account saying I violated TOS. but would not tell me what specifically I did wrong. no warnings at all first.

if you post something they dont like they remove it. I think it's run by a bunch of liberals. they removed this comment:

anyone try the new fragrance by Hillary Clinton called "communism"?

whats wrong with that comment? it's not attacking anyone.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but your "question" was not a valid question. It seems it was for yuks or to bash a politician, not to attempt to garner any real info. I can tell you that I quit the political section of Y!A today for that very reason. Not you, personally, but because of all the hate filled, juvenile bashing that occurs there. And it occurs on all sides, not only Republican, Dem, Obama, Bush, Hillary or whoever supporters. The US is in real trouble. And I can sure see why based on that forum. Yes, Yahoo Answers sucks. They can keep their site. I'm not going back.

Lucky2balive said...

tell me about it! Sometimes I get the 909 error page if I say something they don't like or it takes awhile to post the answer! Talk about violating the person's rights to freedom of speech! The only reason I would go back there is from time to time when I really don't have anything to do. I think that site is mainly for chatting and on rare occassions, learning. Mostly though, it's useless.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they sure do suck, the same thing happened to me, guess that is what I get for trying to help people...

Alex said...

The most pathetic thing about Yahoo answers is that if you remove the unanswerable questions and the incoherent questions, you are left with questions that can be answered by Google in 1 second (and most of these are kids basically asking people to do their homework for them).

Anonymous said...

please you niggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUIT COMPLAININ' its not like YA's gonna shut down on your piehole!

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Answers is the most egregious example of corporate fascism to be found on the internet. Yeah...Yahoo! Answers SUCKS. If they sold an actual product, I'm certain millions of people would be actively boycotting it. If there were real human beings involved somewhere, I'm certain there would be non-stop picketing outside their offices. Their phone lines would be swamped. Their cars would be egged. But no such luck...Yahoo! Answers is nothing more than tripe being passed off as community standards and pseudo-tainment.

Like many folks here before me, I'm furious that I was suspended. I was suspended because I repeatedly posted comments objecting to that first big bailout last year on the ground that there was insufficient supervision over how the money would be used. Someone apparently didn't care for that.

Of course, what I didn't know was that, having reached level 6, I was a prime target for report trolls, who seem to have nothing to contribute beyond making sure that top contributors are no longer able to contribute anything either. So, because I had a high score and an intelligent opinion regarding a fairly important political issue, someone just had to F--- me up.

Suspension? Well, geez, what kind of suspension lasts forever? Yeah, suspension should be for a length of time and then voila! you're welcomed back. But not at Yahoo! Answers: those nazis have mastered the fine art of double-speak. Thus, the reality of a simple suspension is nothing less than full exile. That, however, is NOT the worst of it.

I was suspended from Yahoo! Answers over six months ago...and I still get "best answer notices" for answers I posted last year...and I still get violation notices whenever some truly ancient answer of mine attracts their attention. It's amazing how so many of my formerly best answers are now being deleted for having put a bug up the ass of their so-called "community." What community?

It's not the community of users that is for damn sure. If it was, the users probably wouldn't care. Most users have ideas about the value of free speech that the corporate community that is Yahoo! Answers do not share.

All I can do now is hope that the recession hits the good folks of Yahoo! hard. I would love to see as many of those jerks as possible standing in the unemployment line begging for jobs cleaning toilets.

shegrl202 said...

Yeah I know! Yahoo sucks! It just does! Today I got my fifth profile deleted today!AGAIN! For no reason! I just got so tired of it...I mean I even e-mailed them saying "That they sucked!"Really...I mean the people that get on mean,dumb,and weird! It's high school cuz someone can just tell you that you suck or your a bitch or go to hell!

I hope someone sues yahoo or seriously someone needs to close that freaking site down!

shegrl202 said...

Yeah Yahoo answers sucks really bad!I have had...well today my fifth profile got deleted!i'M SOOOO pissed!Grrr!!Yahoo needs to close down! They are reporting me for no freaking reason!Yahoo answers needs to die!!I just stopped today...I won't go back! Google is soooo much better! Yahoo answers needs to really really just die! People are just going to go away b/c all their profiles are getting deleted!Yahoo answers...go away!!

Anonymous said...

Rules rules rules rules rules rules! That site is so tight up about their rules..your lucky if one of your question were not deleted!Yahoo answer sucks!!

Anonymous said...

i report some people who make rude remarks about others. I reported two losers who made racist comments, but those answers REMAIN. Or when someone else's answers are harassing, those REMAIN too. Yet, MY answers get deleted for no reason! Once my answer was even deleted because I said "I agree with you" and they said "this is not a question or answer".
I swear, Y/A is full of ignoramisis, and it's just complete BULLSHIT. It's worthy of The Worst Website of the Decade award.

Anonymous said...

Want to get flagged for a violation? Supply a fact-based answer and you'll piss off some stupid liberal who worships Obama. They'll report you immediately as a racist.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo answers sucks. If you want to waste your time, you are better off killing your brain cells at a bar or sitting in front of the boob tube.

Anonymous said... is way better than yahoo answers! Yahoo answers sucks because of trolls on the site give you false thumbs down and report you for no reason. Yahoo doesn't care what goes on in chatrooms but they seem to with yahoo answers because Yahoo totally sucks!

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers has so many stupid people because they ban or frustrate most of the people who actually have something to offer.

You won't get banned by posting "LOL", "Huh", "I dunno", "Wut?", or my personal favorite "..." Ahh yes, dot dot dot, which roughly translates into "Your strange new thoughts are frightening me."

This is a problem in many places on the internet. If you answer with intelligence, there's a large chance someone will disagree with you (or be frightened by your thoughts) and you'll end up getting reported or flamed.

On the other hand, teenage girls who respond to everything with "Huh" or "..." end up not offending anyone. If you are offended by this display of contempt for original thought, and you decide to call one of them on it, expect to be flamed by one of their wanna-be boyfriends.

Anonymous said...

I asked this question in Yahoo answers:
Do people that prefer receiving oral sex rather than having any other
type of sex are egocentric ?

And they deleted this question and suspended my account because they said that I violated their rules but the fact is that "Yahoo Answers" already has 24,137 questions for "oral sex".
Then what kind of policiy is this ?
I never understood in which way I was violating the rules of yahoo answers if Yahoo Answers
already has 24,137 questions asking about oral sex:;_ylt=AmpSkR78C1RVY3H3oOb

So is my question more "obscene"
than these ones:
How common is oral sex in the Commonwealth of Virginia?
How long after giving oral sex can you typically see an outbreak of herpes?
Can you contact anything through multiple oral sex?
How soon after delivering a baby can you have oral sex?
What are the chances of getting genital herpes from oral sex?
Oral Sex as a rite of passage for boys of a certain african tribe?
How do i make sure we have good oral sex?

And so on...
so what kind of weird/stupid yahoo employees filter the questions and disable accounts ?
This are the moments that I just hate yahoo, and more specially "yahoo answers". I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers... I hate yahoo and yahoo answers...

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Answers is a piece of crap, they've been suspending me from every single account I've made with out any reason what-so-ever. I sent them a message and they're reply was no way useful, they didn't even give me a valid reason why they just said they weren't gonna re-activate my account and posted links to more Yahoo! screw ups. I've already re-made accounts 4 times already and each one has been suspended without any violation notices, I hope every Yahoo! officials rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

piece of SHIT Yahoo!answers is! Just BURN it! Burn it PLEASE!!!i hope every one of them who works at customer care will ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like the person before me said. GO TO HELL YAHOO ANSWERS.

Anonymous said...

We all have to figure out a way to have them shut down Yahoo! Answers....FOREVER. or have microscoft buy it because that shitty website is just NOT WORTH IT!!! Those stupid pieces of shit give you uninformed, WRONG answers and the whole point system is idiotic. Who would waste their time trying to get points to get up to levels?? What is the point? Would that help you get into college? Would that help you get a job or a nice house? HELL NO!!! It's just a sign that you stay on the i-net all day and dont have a REAL life!!
FUCK YAHOO ANSWERS!! We HAVE to figure out a way to have them shut it down! Email me at and give me your ideas.
Thanks :)

damned_cat said...

Yahoo - I was "in violation" for telling a kid who was asking about Stony Brook University (butt spelz lyk dis) to learn how to type and spell properly before he even considered applying to college. Oh well.

My least favorite thing about Y!A? The idiots that hang out in "Adoption." It is chock-full of anti-adoption individuals ("surprisingly self-actualized adoptees," they call themselves) who will attack ANYONE who expresses a viewpoint that doesn't match theirs. Where are the moderators when THAT happens?

cinnamngrl said...

I got my account back and I wrote this explanation on ehow under cinnamongirl

Qui Tacet Consentire said...

Half of the comments on here look like they've been written by people who don't dislike Y!Answers and are only pissed off because their account got suspended. Why did you spend so much time on that crapola site anyway?

Y!Answers sucks PISS out of hairy c*cks; it's completely unsuitable for questions of any depth.

The moment you ask something that isn't a.) common knowledge b.) so wishy-washy it could be answered by anyone or c.) easy to find on google, you're highly unlikely to get a useful answer at all.

If I could find the answer to my question on the first page of search results on Google I WOULD NOT HAVE TO GODDAMN ASK! That's the whole point.

Pointless site, delete it off the face of the earth please.

Anonymous said...

I've just been informed that Yahoo Answers may be a device for compiling a massive profile database. For what reason I don't know, but I would advise caution when replying to social or political entries. I have deleted it from my computer and shredded all my entries to it. I can't say where the information came from, but I can say it's a known and trusted source.

Anonymous said...

though it has recently helped me in getting ansers, they reached a level where i couldnt beaer their insanity.
I recently asked a question on How and where i can get a keygen and crack, fo a software(citing from recent questions asked by users) after getting 2 answers, i got a mail telling me that my account is suspended indefinately.(?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!) Then I wondered why and how other VIOLENT question/answers survive with Yahoo doing nothing about it.
Then i sent an appeal mail complaining about that issue, i waited forever.
I think its insane users who report our innocent questions, thinking that Yahoo ane day will recruit them and sequre employment at Yahoo.

Anonymous said...

God damn, I hate every question and answer site because nobody knows jack shit about anything. If I post a question about something I need help with, nobody answers it, but everybody answers the stupid questions that a 15 year old would know. FUCK!!!

rockstar12e said...

I hate Yahoo Answers! I got my first account deleted beacsue I asked where I could download something, but I looked on the searchbar and acouple of the same questions were asked and never deleted! Then on my 2nd account I got deleted...they never sent me an email about why I was deleted! I'm like," Okay why didn't they send me an email?" Now I made a THIRD account and I asked why my accounts kept getting deleted and I was getting answers such as," Welcome to Yahoo Answers" Or another two saying I was "chatting" Which I was not! Now I cannot access my Yahoo! Email or Yahoo! Messenger. I'm really irked with Yahoo! Answers. Most of the questions are," Does he like me?" Or," How do you know you are in love?" another stupid one is," How do I get a guy to like me?" It's like oh my god! How many times has this been asked?!? Ugh! I'm never going on Yahoo! Answers ever again!

Anonymous said...

HI, I guess I can join this club now bECause YAHOO just violated me for tell A Poster POLITELY that They POSTED IN THE WRONG SECTION. I advised them to delete and repost because they would not get answers and EVEN told them which forum to post in. The POSTER DELETED their question and I got violated!!!!!!!!!!!HOW IS THAT FOR BEING BIG A**ES!! AND my appeak said with NO explanation , Yes you INDEED did violate!! I think we should write the president of yahoo..all of us!!lol

Anonymous said...

I asked a question about a question that was previously posted and answered .It was a legitimate question asking if the poster and answer were in fact typical , right , wrong or any information. I go about 12 responses before they deleted it. Everyone who answered had different opinions but were All polite... Guess what I got violated for what , I have NO IDEA! I feel Violated by the moronic Ms Spence or Mr Dylan ( the community service people who approve or decline violations and appeals) Anyone else get form letters with those names? I would like them to tell me to my face the little cowards!!

Anonymous said...

yeah and the fact it takes like 4 fuckin weeks to get a damn question answered and when it is its a shitty-ass answer like "idk lol" and its like gee thanks you fucking prick

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Answers being used to create a huge profiling database...duh? Isn't that point of these huge online services from the start that to create huge information databases in which to potentially better sell pointless products to an established consumer base? Google already does's called Google!

Anonymous said...

yep- they fl;agged me 2 times in one night...and I am a square old woman who just wants to help people. (no joke) Oh well I moved my email to another service too !!
Let the Yahoo children play I guess..............
what a shame they don't make any sense, at least I will stop wasting my time. ha ha ha

DexterNeptune said...

Yahoo answers is absolute garbage. I had a yahoo answers account for probably 4 days, and it got suspended. No reason why - just suspended with no explanation. For the limited time I was on there, I was polite, helpful, didn't try to sell anything, didn't use profanity, didn't berate anybody, etc. I'm not wasting any more time with a shoddy pseudo-business that doesn't offer a decent appeal system or even take the time to explain what you did wrong. Here's the problem with this horseshit. Yahoo answers is supposed to be about freely sharing information and knowledge, drawing from the collective pool of millions of peoples' experiences. Yet, you have to constantly self-censor yourself to avoid pissing off some sensitive, close-minded little nancy. This isn't unbridled sharing of information - it's censorship by ignorance and pettiness. So, in essence, the value of yahoo answers as a knowledge resource is roughly zero. Until yahoo answers stops arbitrarily suspending accounts because some frustrated little troll doesn't like what you have to say, it will remain among the worthless dregs of the internet, drifting along and clogging up progress. Way to go, Yahoo, you piece of shit. I hope you fail...

yasucks said...

Its run solely on popular opinion.
If you dont agree with popular opinion, then other users have every right to bash you. And if you get reported, it goes down. If you report these bashings, nothing. Plus, all their popular opinion bites. Basically, you have full freedom of speech if your in line with established popular opinion, no matter how nasty you are being. If you go agianst popular opinion, then you get deleted. Plus, someone is allowed to come by and be a big jerk and insult you if you are not compliant with popular opinion, even if you were being as kind as possible.

Anonymous said...

i think that yahoo answers sucks soo much. immature audience, stupid people, etc. etc. once i asked a homework question about a book. the main characters name was "jonas" and i put that in the question. i still remember one of the answers being a jonas brother fan girl saying "omg jonas, as in joe jonas!" i swear i got soo pissed off and especially if she wasted my time to get points she didnt even earn. so wtf?? and if you create a new question, chances are, it wont get answered. this is cuz the yahoo answers main page lists latest questions. so if no one finds your question interesting, your question wont appear on the front page, and thats really ur only chance of getting your question answered. long story short, yahoo answers is bull crap.

Anonymous said...

If ypu wnat to be a jerk and get revenge, you can just follow one user and flag all his answers. Then ban him :D

I think i'll do that HAHAHA

WILL said...

omg...i just got suspended. i was level 4, spent the last 10 months answering 50 million questions to get to level 4 with 21% best answers and 3 days ago i asked a question. it was a medical question bout how i woke up feeling very wierd down there and feeling the urge to push and that i wasnt pregnant. i put it in the health section std section and i got a question deleted warning.. and they said to email them.. i then emailed them complaining that it was a legit question and i told them i went to the doctors and told the doctors the exact same wording i wrote in my question which wasnt a voilation of the terms and then in my email i then basically told yahoo how stupid they are deleting a legit non voilation question and i gave them links to 20 different questions that are in voilations that were there. some of the questions were asked by 12 and 13 yr old girls asking people for sex advice and how to get a guy to get hard.

iam guesssing the person who recieved my email responce didnt like what i wrote and then suspended my account because i pointed out there are thousands of ppl asking inapropriate questions yet i had a genuine medical question that was non sexual and got deleted and then got suspended because i pointed it out in my email.

I CANT BELIEVE I SPENT SO MUCH TIME AND EFFFORT AND MY ANSWERS WERE ALWAYS WELL THOUGHT OUT and put.. every1 would wrte 1 line answers and i always write answers that were at least 1 paragraph long because it was well thought out.. ahhh it pissses me off..

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Answers is a complete waste of time. Another poster suggested HELPGLOBE.COM and that's what I'll be trying next. They mask their so-called "service" that's supposed to provide answers to real legitimate questions with farce and a bunch of B.S, so that they have reason to delete your questions. What a joke! Here's an answer to the real question : Why should anybody use Yahoo! Answers? ANSWER : No reason at all!

Anonymous said...

If you want to complain about Yahoo! Answers service, visit this website :

Anonymous said...

I'm so pissed I just got suspended for the seventh time for nothing I quit

OmegaWolf747 said...

I think their points system sucks. You have to "earn" the right to vote other answers up or down and they make it almost impossible to get out of level 1 with their stupid limits.

Anonymous said...

I have concluded it sucks as well. I have never been suspended or received a violation. But, for instance, in the Religion and Spirituality section, it is nothing but a black and white, Christian vs Atheist throw down. If someone asks a question about, for instance, a detail concerning an atheist philosopher, there is a flood of pre-fab religious propaganda. Worse yet, if someone asks a question about, say, the best Bible translation, there is a flood of "There's no such thing as God." No focus. No subtlety. Just a flood of agenda-driven retards.

Anonymous said...

fuck niggering Yahoo answers

Anonymous said...

wow i answered one question and went for lunch and i was fucking suspended

Anonymous said...


cinnamngrl said...

the evil empire speaks. Ehow deleted my article on how to fight back when Yahoo suspends your Answers account without reason

Anonymous said...

YA is a total joke. I had one account that was suspended in less than 24 hours. So I created a new account, and that one lasted all of 3 days before being suspended. All answers given were good and thought out, and I had a 25% best answer ratio.

I am done with Yahoo. I hope Google buries them because they are a joke and a relic of the 90s.

Anonymous said...

if you click on someones profile who you think is suspended does it come up "Oops the information you are looking for is now available"??? i think my friends account was deleted but i'm not sure. wtf

ahhh why are they such commies over there?? wtf??

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers can suck a big bag of dicks. Let the little junior high kids who are flagging shit at random for jollies have it. Two accounts suspended in less than a week for NO reason at all.

Anonymous said...

It really does suck. And what really pisses me off is that, okay, when you punish someone for doing something, you tell them what they did wrong so they don't get another punishment. Well, out of nowhere, I got a violation thing after only having 2 answers deleted and I asked them why my account was suspended and they said that they couldn't tell me unless I was an authority from the government. WHAT?? So if I ever get another YA account, how am I going to stay away from what I did wrong?? BS. And also, I did get another account, only for certain reasons and they've given me 2 violations, but didn't tell me why. My first one was like 2 years ago, so they still haven't improved. I'm burnt out on Yahoo products. I had to figure out why my answers were deleted, and they were deleted because I told someone how to get free stuff...fuck Yahoo Answers.

glider521al said...

What really sucks about Yahoo answers is that you can't post your opinions in "resolved questions".

It's so darn frustrating because anyone wants to argue, with what they know to be untrue.
Once someone bagged gamemaker (which has an advanced collision checking system, and allows users to program their own functions (in the (form of scripts)) but I couldn't say anything because the question was marked as "Resolved".

Yahoo groups are okay, but yahoo answers are just stupid.

Gethealth said...

Well you have to get to the point where you just dont give a fuck either and create a new account and spam like hell and try to make as much money as you can before they suspend you again because you know its gonna happen, Im telling you this because Ive come to realize that I cant win with yahoo so I just act like a damn fool like they do.

Katie_Jo said...

I had one account and I also emailed them and asked them why i was suspended, they sent me an email bck saying they reviewed it and i was still to be suspended, without telling me what i did wrong. So, the next week i went and made another account and a few days later i was suspended and i had only asked about a song by Tal Bachman and i forgot the name. UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH!!!

devyani said...

ya got to agree with all of you here. Ignorant teenagers posting questions rampantly. The voting system is totally flawed. People specially women sound like portable self help books on steroids but do not talk from their own experience.You don't have to post to every question if you don't know the answer.
Also good answers are left unrewarded in the wake of ignorance of the people.

fuckyahooanswers said...

I decided that since I don't give a flying fuck anymore, I used my account to post the question "F.U.C.K. YAHOO ANSWERS" And explained why I hated it. Now...when finding this blog I typed in "fuck yahoo answers" and the very first and second search results were on Yahoo Answers with people using the word F U C K. Yet nothing happened to him and it has been 3 years ago since that question was asked!!!!! But mine will be deleted even sooner. Thanks Yahoo. Bunch of nazis. Also fuck the snitches on Yahoo Answers. They're also the reason why our accounts get suspended too.

Anonymous said...

The people on Yahoo Answers don't care about running a business. They have suspended, likely 8 of my accounts already. It's annoying and I finally refuse to use that site anymore. The people in charge are a bunch of children.

I wrote Yahoo, but I guess those California hippies don't care. Fuck them.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many times I see "I don't know" and it's actually chosen as the best answer.

The place is nothing but kids and really stupid adults both of which simply want their rating higher (why I don't know) so they "pad" there answers with spam.

Julie Turner said...

I ALSO have been suspended and don't know why. I had been using my Yahoo account for years and lost my entire email account full of many items. I didn't even realize at first that it was due to yahoo answers. They won't tell me why and won't give me access to my data. I will not use Yahoo at all and stay with msn. FUCK YAHOO.

AMR71 said...

I've been on Y!A for a couple of years. Worked my way up to a Level 7 just to say I could. I've never been suspended, but I have received lots of notices that my questions and answers have been deleted for some nebulous violation. My latest one was apparently because I got sick of seeing kids post 20 homework questions and wanting someone to give them the answers, and I replied, "Do your own homework." This question is reported and removed, and I lose 10 points.

Meanwhile, in the American Football section, EVERY SINGLE DAY, the same people post a variation on the question "Where can I watch NFL games online for free?" -- and the same sock puppets reply with the same links to the same illegal Web feeds. One of the sock puppets gets picked as Best Answer, with the questioner saying something like "Wow, it works so well, thanks" -- even in the middle of the summer, when there are no games on. I report as many of these as I can find, because they're clearly spam, and spam is a violation of Yahoo! TOS -- yet the questions and answers NEVER GET REMOVED.

I've seen personal attacks on other members. I've seen racist white people imitating black people, complete with the worst stereotypes about how black people talk and act. I report them; nothing happens.

But if you tell a kid to do his own homework, you get blasted.

You can't contest any decision Yahoo! makes, either. It's all automated. You'll never talk to a real human being.

I don't go out of my way to be belligerent, though. I spend most of my time on "Words & Wordplay," because I'm good at grammar, and I like to share my knowledge and help promote good usage. But more often than not, an incorrect answer will get picked as best, while my detailed, thought-out responses are ignored or get a bunch of thumbs-down -- I guess because you're not supposed to make people think. If you can't give a simple one-sentence reply, you're apparently wasting everybody's time.

I'm glad to see some alternative Q&A sites mentioned in this thread. I think I'll check them out. As a lot of people have pointed out, Y!A is mostly dominated by racists, trolls, semi-literates, agenda pushers, and 13-year-old girls with no self-esteem who post pictures of themselves so people can comment on whether they're attractive or not. The politics and religion sections are just constant flame wars between people of opposing views. Personal attacks abound all over the site. So do spammers. But if you try to inject any common sense or help enforce the TOS, you get ignored or reported.

I couldn't care less about the "free speech" complaints some people have. That's not the point of Y!A. Yahoo! is a private corporation, and it can place any restrictions it wants on the people who use its site. Your First Amendment rights come into play only when the government is involved. The problem isn't that Yahoo! restricts free speech. The problem is that Yahoo! doesn't enforce its own rules, and as a result, Y!A runs amok and becomes basically useless as a resource for information.

Amarand said...

Before I contribute to a group such as Yahoo Answers, I should always do a Google search of ” [insert service name here] sucks” as it is usually enlightening. Hindsight is 20-20, unfortunately....

I signed up for Google Answers yesterday to help people, took a lot of time to answer 20 mostly computer related questions, and sat back to await what I hoped would be the windfall of points from Best Answers chosen. What I actually saw the next morning was a 12 point hit (-2 for answer deleted, -10 for violation of terms of service) for answering a question about whether or not you could load Mac OS X on an x86 platform. My answer was “yes, and here are a few links showing you how to do this.” I’m guessing that it was probably some stupid DCMA violation, Yahoo freaking out about getting sued or something, but when they deleted the answer, they gave me no reason for why it was removed, simply telling me that the question was removed as it violated their Terms of Service.

I immediately figured out how to appeal the decision and they sent me back a message to my Yahoo account (which I rarely check, because you have to PAY to POP or forward your mail – idiots) stating that their decision stood, that I had, indeed, violated their Terms of Service and that the answer would not be reinstated. They did not tell me how I violated their terms (by citing what I said or did), nor did they tell me which terms I violated (by citing the term or terms themselves).

So I sent them back a reply explaining that their service clearly does not welcome well reasoned, rational, scientific-method focused individuals on their site, and that I feel extremely unwelcome. I obviously made some recommendations (i.e., please cite the actual term or terms violated as a bare minimum, and it should only take a split second to cut and paste a quote of the item in question to say “here is what you said”).

Having an appeals process which basically sends you to a human who looks at the submission in question, and makes a thumbs up or thumbs down without any discussion, debate or analysis – well, that’s just useless. Plus, I believe they actually have a 10 point additional hit to your numbers if you ask for an appeal and it fails!

Finally, what if I wrote a paragraph or two, and only one sentence or word was in question? Why aren’t I given the ability as an author to quickly edit the offending part of the submission out? To have your entire submission deleted out of hand without the ability to correct is rather draconian!

So, having said that, unless Yahoo Answers seriously turns its customer service around, I would highly advise all rational, reasonable people to discontinue use of this service. Giving Yahoo your intellectual property is NOT the way to go. Use an open source service like Wikipedia instead. They are much more likely to take your information and treat it respectfully.

Adam Beazley said...

I have to chime in as well. I have been a long tie user of yahoo answers and until lately I hadn't had an issue. But I answered about 10 questions one day and put alot of worl into one particular one, about CFL's versus incandescent lights and did the calculations for the guy any everything, then I linked to my website where i had written a full blog post about cfls vs. incandescent vs. LED's and they deleted my entire account. I appealed and wrote countless emails, but they would not tell me what I did to violate the terms. It is perfectly OK to use your own site as a link if the link has something to do with the topic and in this case it clearly did. So, now my account is deleted and I dont have a clue why (read the terms, and I didnt break any).

Anonymous said...

Look at this...

Yahoo answers sucks. People ask stupid questions and the staff is extremely racist.

Anonymous said...

What the F*ck is yahoo answers anyway? Even the name of the website sounds dumb. I bet you the website and the people are gay.

Cleo McKeever said...

Like many, I wish I'd seen posts like this before deciding it might be "fun" to answer some questions on that garbage that is Y!A.
You're so right Yahoo, how dare I tell some idiot kid to do his homework rather than post the assignment verbatim into a question. It's not like any answers he copy pastes into his paper aren't going to be direct acts of plagiarism, which is a severe enough count to get most kids expelled from school, right? e.e
No wonder people are so stupid and petty today. The just are punished unjustly and the idiots are left free--no, ENCOURAGED to continue doing what idiots do.
If only, if only. Now, not only is my Y!A account suspended, but without warning or appeal, my email is also suspended--meaning I cannot retried dozens of registration emails, not to mention correspondences with my best friend who is now DEAD and therefore can't simply send me the messages again from her account.
Like the rest of you have said: Fuck You, Yahoo.
(Too bad there are a billion little fuckwits to replace us so that Yahoo will never even notice our disgruntled passing)

Anonymous said...

To anonymous on March 4, 2009 11:02 PM: You're a piece of crap and so is yahoo answers. We wouldn't be complaining if it doesn't suck.

bigdog said...

Yahoo answers is exactly what the name suggests. It's just a bunch of fucking Yahoos giving shitty answers.

Ari Tea said...

Indeed, Yahoo answers for silly stuffs, not serious ones. If you want to see the kind of questions , see the polls & survey , and religion and spirituality.

avoid at all costs the religion & politics categories, because you are more likely will be reported and suspended , because someone won't like your political or religious views.

YA is full of kids and trolls and people having fun (semi-trolls).

Looks the best place for trouble.

and they censor the word "slut" .lol which make it harder for people seeing 4 stars what the word is f word or s word or slut.

I used to report spam, but seems they don't care about serious members who abide with their vague rules.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah it sucks! Yahoo Answers is owned by the trolls man! Just got kicked off today!

Anonymous said...

Part 1

Hello Richard D You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your content has been deleted. Community Guidelines help to keep Yahoo! Answers a safe and useful community, so we appreciate your consideration of its rules.

Question: Who is more sinful, an Atheist or a Pedophile?
Question Details: Both are considered acts against Gods will, but which are actually considered worse?

Deleted Answer: A pedophile aka a priest...

Violation Reason: Community Guidelines and/or Terms Of Service Violation If you feel this content was removed in error, please read the Community Guidelines and make sure that this content: 1. respects the question-answer format and is not chatty or personal communication; 2. does not contain non-relevant links to external sites or other questions and does not promote your own blog or website; 3. is respectful to other people and does not offend other community members. If you still believe this content has been removed in error, please contact Customer Care and tell us why. Regards, Yahoo! Customer Care

Part 2

Hello Richard D(richd506) You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your account has been suspended. If you feel you were not in violation, please contact our Customer Care and tell us why. Regards, Yahoo! Customer Care

Part 3

Why is it that certain individuals can come onto Yahoo Answers and
harass and offend atheists without consequence but the moment an atheist
says something in return, they are censored? I am of the opinion that
the moderators do not objectively monitor what is said on Yahoo Answers.
If they did, users such as Jayden's Mommy, Christian Purity and a whole
host of other users would be censored as well. Instead, they are
allowed to run amok, trolling YA.

I am not here to tell you that my suspension from Yahoo Answers is
unfair. But I just feel that other users who might have been equally
abusive should be subject to the same rules. I would hate to have to
pursue legal action. Surely you understand.

Part 4


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Answers.

We appreciate your inquiry about your suspension from Yahoo! Answers
and/or the deactivation of your Yahoo! ID. We reviewed your case, and
have decided to reinstate your account.

We appreciate your continued compliance with the Yahoo! Terms of Service
and the Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines:

Thank you for using Yahoo! Answers, and we hope that you will continue
to be a valuable contributor to the community.

Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Answers.



Anonymous said...

S'pretty simple really...

Yahoo itself sucks, and always has.

Why would anyone expect YA to be any different?

Useless questions, useless answers.

What really pisses me off is how many times they show up in Google searches, clogging up useful results. Google should ban any results emanating from Yahoo. In fact, they should just stop crawling Yahoo altogether.

Oh, and quit crawling too! Useless damn site generates questions based on Google searches! Users haven't even asked most of them!

Anonymous said...

Man I am sick of the account suspension.
My 5 accounts got suspended LOL.

Without any reason. Fuck Yahoo and fuck their answers. they just send automated reply.


lamentcfg said...

Got violations for disagreeing with the far left. The final straw, asking about Roman Polanski, apparently is is not PC to call him a rapist.

CheckMEout!!!!! said...

yup got suspended 8 times....fuck them if you say something that 2 or more people don't like your automatically deleted....i wrote them a letter the final time saying that there company will fail Google is twenty times as better that yahoo search engine is pathetic which i think its is...i could make a better search engine in a couple hours than Google has. hmmmm maybe i will what to call iot what to call it? how yahooo sucks try mine built it in ten minutes .com

Dis Gruntled said...

Those tards banned me for no good reason. I post 2 words, "Pirate Bay". No warning just a "suspension" forever. They should go to hell.

Anonymous said...

FUCK YAHOO ANSWERS. given people answers to over a thousand questions since last march, then they ban me.
all their products are shit and worthless.
fucking communists stopping people from talking.

Anonymous said...

Dude you were suspended because your name is 'THe Grand Bastard(bulkhater)' you dipshit.

DanielKnight said...

I have three atheist stalkers that google my user name and gang report me to get an answer deleted, I just found out today you only get 7 days to appearl or else you get 10 points deducted, what the hell happened to points only being deducted if you lose the appeal, and Yahoo thinks this encourages people to participate in their stupid website? Stupid evil jerks have been allowing me to be trolled and have my accounts repeatedly deleted by these antichristian morons who follow me around the net harassing me for 2 years or a little over 2 years now. These stupid moderators must be liberals who in typical anti-Christian fashion, literally, "don't care" how good a job they do since they don't believe they'll have to answer to God or who in their hatred for God's standard, see themselves as good by their own arbitrary standard.

"Yahoo" indeed is an appropriate name for the Yahoo company, and thank God Microsoft reject their stupid answer. Don't pardon the pun.

Anonymous said...

I have three atheist stalkers that google my user name and gang report me to get an answer deleted, I just found out today you only get 7 days to appearl or else you get 10 points deducted, what the hell happened to points only being deducted if you lose the appeal, and Yahoo thinks this encourages people to participate in their stupid website? Stupid evil jerks have been allowing me to be trolled and have my accounts repeatedly deleted by these antichristian morons who follow me around the net harassing me for 2 years or a little over 2 years now. These stupid moderators must be liberals who in typical anti-Christian fashion, literally, "don't care" how good a job they do since they don't believe they'll have to answer to God or who in their hatred for God's standard, see themselves as good by their own arbitrary standard.

"Yahoo" indeed is an appropriate name for the Yahoo company, and thank God Microsoft reject their stupid answer. Don't pardon the pun.

V said...

Y!A sucks for a number of reasons. Here's an example of a question I asked under Travel->Other US:

"How much does jet-ski rentals cost in VA Beach? The website only provided a number to call but I am not that interested as to waste the time of some employee. Anyone who work or live in the area know round-about prices?"

And some guy 'answered' "YOU call and get an answer YOURSELF."

Which is a BIG reason why Y!A sucks. Not really the questions that are being asked but the 'answers' due to the quota system and fucktards in general.

I also think people aren't reporting what should be reported. Instead, they are reporting genuine answers.

There's also a lot of people posing to be young girls or young guys (THE LGBT section is a complete troll paradise and a big stupid joke.)

It's just a mess that needs overhauled. But, you know how that goes, if your force people, in order to use a service, to actually think and behave, then they leave.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. I would reccomend that serious people not go on and join up - once you join up, you will labour away working for points under their points system. Then once you have a good tally of points and have a good percentage of good answers, you can be permanently expuled from the community for no reason or for some petty reason. They call it being "suspended" (but it is in fact permanent banning) but give no particular reason for the suspension so it is difficult to appeal - even police officers have to tell you the reason why you have been arrested but with Yahoo, you are permanently expuled without any specific reason. While they give you the right to appeal it is very hard for people write their appeal if they aren't given the nature of the allegations. This contravenes the principle of natural justice - no wonder why a lot of people feel upset.

Also the point system of giving 2 points for an answer and 1 point for a vote and minus 5 points for asking a question, simply means most people who don't know very much but would like to ask lots of questions, need to give poor answers or make poor voting decisions to decide answers in order to get points to ask lots of questions. Instead of the uneducated people asking lots of questions and educated people answering their questions, you get uneducated people both asking and answering questions. As with a classroom, there is one teacher and many students but it is not the teachers which decide the best answers but it is the students asking the questions or the students who are in the majority who vote for the best answer.

Likewise, it is the students who are in the majority who decide what behaviour is acceptable and who they want to report abuse to. You can be on Yahoo answers for a long time and be one of the best answerers there is but one day be permanently expuled just like you will always come across a few students who would like to be rid of a teacher or another student at the school.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo answers truly sucks. I got suspended three times for no reason. Oh well start again lol

Brandon said...

get a life you fucking pussies

Anonymous said...

Yahoo answers is the best!

PatZ said...

The biggest problem with Yahoo is that the site is a swamp for people using yahoo for the wrong reasons. Lots of blackhat marketing and spam lives on. And these same people are on a mission to report (false) violations and get many legitimate contributors removed from the site. Yahoo makes it terribly easy for the fools and tricksters to survive.

I was at a level 4 with 70% best answers. 4 of my answers were reported as spam in the last 2 days. I appealed and Yahoo put them all back. This morning I got a notice that my account was suspended due to TOS violations.

I think someone was on a mission to get me banned and it worked. I put a lot of effort into helping people over the past 6 months and I will not do it again even if my account is reinstated.

Their system assumes you guilty until proven innocent and that's insane.

Once they chase away the legitimate people who have the knowledge and caring to give real answers, the site will be total crap.

I look at some of the answers people are giving and I feel sorry for a lot of the people seeking advice.

I won't go back and won't use Yahoo for anything and will pass on the word.

cinnamngrl said...

I was able to remove my suspension by writing Yahoo CMRRR. THey did not reply or call me but the suspension came off the same day that they received the letter.

Anonymous said...

they just suspended me again. 2nd time. I've done nothing wrong Im answering questions and helping people.

drop dead yahoo. I will NEVER buy any product or service from u and tell my friends to do the same.

Anonymous said...

I will tell everyone I know to tell everyone they know to drop any yahoo service they currently pay for now.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers is boring and littered with garbage

Anonymous said...

yes, complete yahoo is for suckers.
even a 6 year old kid can solve the yahoo answers, its just a waste of time. We Sell Fun @ said...

I agree.

Yahoo Answers Sucks

To view my answer to the question "How To Travel Cheap For Six Months"

It was to long to post here so you can see Yahoo Answer Response & how I answered the question.

Anonymous said...

I liked to answer questions on there to help people out for a while. I got reported for answering like this:

'Can someone tell me how to use my new digital camera in the next 15 minutes?! PLZ IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT'

My answer:

'Didn't it come with an instruction manual?'

Apparently they were 'justified' in giving me a warning to this after I asked why, SO dumb. I have a feeling the asker is a lazy kid who got all pissed I didn't answer how they want.

Plus I've had some of my questions removed with no reason given. I'm no troll and these were no different from any other question on a similar topic and certainly were not offensive.

Everything on there is so arbitrary it is obnoxious. I decided to just look elsewhere for 'help'.

Anonymous said...

this site should burn in hell

the answers are worthless and it can really **** u up if you follow their adivce like me

god ****

hate it burn that b**** down


Sargonarhes said...

I agree Yahoo Answers does suck. People don't go there for correct answers, they only go for the answers that they want. And they some people have multiple accounts so they can stack the results in their favor. It is a useless site with useless and bad or even fraudulent information. No one should trust anything they read there.

Anonymous said...

most of the contributors suck too. Their all a bunch of liberal hippie breeds that think everything should go, as long as it doesn't effect them. good grief. don't get me started on the questions about people's bodies.

agreed, crappy website with bad answers.

shasa said...

nice info, thanks for sharing.

visit : to find all yahoo question and answer easily.

Matthew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Propeng said...

Yeah, I do hate Y! Answers, and I just left it forever, but NOT because my account got suspended. It didn't even get suspended, but it will soon. I'm sure. I just hate how people "come to play" on Yahoo! Answers. Oh, and don't keep whining "ZOMG THEY SUSPENDED MEH FOR NO FUCKING REASON THEY SUCK." It's just annoying. They suck, but not because they suspended you.

Anonymous said...

I posted a question about moving to a new neighborhood and they deleted it telling me I violated the guidelines. Their email to me was so aggressive I thought. I appealed and they responded with the same answer. I am done with them. I will use the email which daily now has issues but whomever is running Answers is messing up a good thing so I thought. I was offended they accused me of violating the guidelines and acting like I was a bad person. That is not good customer service.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is that no one on there has a sense of humor. Like, people go around asking stupid questions and then get shocked when they get stupid answers. Im not going to take "How do i know if this guy likes me??" questions seriously. No one likes you. Your a twat who posts stupid questions online. And what i got suspended for wasnt even my best work. Some emo teeny bopper posted a terrible emo poem and then i told her what i thought about it. In vivid detail. If people dont want the truth they shouldnt ask the question.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is that no one on there has a sense of humor. Like, people go around asking stupid questions and then get shocked when they get stupid answers. Im not going to take "How do i know if this guy likes me??" questions seriously. No one likes you. Your a twat who posts stupid questions online. And what i got suspended for wasnt even my best work. Some emo teeny bopper posted a terrible emo poem and then i told her what i thought about it. In vivid detail. If people dont want the truth they shouldnt ask the question.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is that no one on there has a sense of humor. Like, people go around asking stupid questions and then get shocked when they get stupid answers. Im not going to take "How do i know if this guy likes me??" questions seriously. No one likes you. Your a twat who posts stupid questions online. And what i got suspended for wasnt even my best work. Some emo teeny bopper posted a terrible emo poem and then i told her what i thought about it. In vivid detail. If people dont want the truth they shouldnt ask the question.

reeNaissance said...

Hello *a*e!(*****_*****)

You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. As a result, your account has been suspended.

If you feel you were not in violation, please contact our Customer Care and tell us why.

Yahoo! Customer Care

To hell with Y!A.

Anonymous said...

I deleted my Y!A account and will never use it again. It is full of idiot teenagers who give false answers, and people think that they are correct.

I asked a question about Ancient Rome and two teenage girls told me that the initial information was wrong (source 6th grade history), and I have a degree in history and am reading a Roman History book as I ask this question.

There are also those who take it way too seriously and report everything. They think that they are God because they are Top Contributor and have so many best answers (which are usually wrong answers anyway). Somebody said they were going to report me for asking a Poll question under Polls and Surveys >.> of course I don't think they succeeded.

You are better off finding info on site forums or through an instruction manual or customer service.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Answers is about as bad as Yahoo Mail, it sucks. Gmail for mail and Google for searching questions (while ignoring the Y!A ones) are the best solutions...

Anonymous said...

Yahoo Answers is just a piece of fucking shit with stupid people who are asking questions and answering each other like idiots.

Yahoo Answers is not fair, and they are the most useless and most fucking stupid on all over the world's question website...

If you want some real and good answers with good people try anything but not THIS fucking yahoo answers

Anonymous said...

God said they suck too much...

If you do not want to be an asshole don't join in yahoo answers

yahoo answers are fucking assholes

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Jack,

Yahoo Answers are fools they have just believed LIARS & BASTARDS who accuse/report people who just ask GOOD question that they seem these question stinks and FUCK! they reported it!

And one morning you wake up you'll see you are now fucking suspended.

Anonymous said...


Go to answerbag and others and join them

Bury YA to be uNDERRATED

Anonymous said...

I Love YAHOO but I'll hate YAHOO ANSWERS only

Jessica said...

Yahoo answers has really gone down the crapper in recent years, that's for sure. It's hard to get a straight answer on that site without some smart-ass, know it all fucking it up for you. I hate Yahoo answers. I told my "answerers" what unbelievable cunts they were so I expect to be deleted any day. Yay!

Dream said...

Yahoo Answers is the worst possible Q/A site ever created.
- You don't even have control over your own damn questions, can't do a single f*** thing if the morons spam your question and then gets voted best answer
- 90% of the people there spam to get points, rarely anyone provides logical answers
- Can't even rate other people's answers
- Can't even edit your question
- Can't even close your own question without waiting a few days
- Half of your questions get deleted for no reason

Anonymous said...

I don't get what the difference is between "chatting" and asking a question. Like, in P&S, you're basically chatting all the time.
I've never been suspended, and I'm on Level 7, but if I was ever suspended, then I'm finished with it.
You shouldn't be able to get suspended level 5 and up. I can deal with violations (I've gotten at least 70 of them), but a suspention - nope.

And I once got a question deleted from the Elections section, I appealed it, and they didn't do anything until a MONTH later. So they posted it back up, AFTER the election. So it was pointless by that time and made no sense.

theoutsider1986 said...

I hate Y!A. It's so fucking dumb. I answered a question and it got deleted. When I tried to appeal the deletion my account got suspended. Here was the question and my answer

Q: I finished watch Dexter on Netflix. What are some TV shows that I could also watch?

Answer: Gossip Girl, Warehouse 13, Fringe, Heroes, Chuck,Burn Notice, V(2009), and House. Here is the website that I use. Scroll down and you will see more shows that may catch your eye.

I've given that link few times and I never had a problem. They suck balls and I'm not using them anymore. I'm only going to keep my Yahoo Mail for a Yahoo group that I'm apart of.

Anonymous said...

Administrators at yahoo answers are weird people.

meandmyfreename2005 said...



which led me to think... maybe that's why there are so many fail answers, people are just trying to get their "LEVELS" up. hah sad nerds.

Anonymous said...

i thought since i was level 7 with 200,000,000+ i would be invincible so i got bored and answer like 15 questions with jokes(still giving tje correct answer)and i got suspended.

Anonymous said...

I found this site because I too was suspended for no reason. I was a level 5 with about 60%+ best answers out of many hundreds or thousands of responses. I had fun with the site and always gave legitimate answers. I was even top contributor for one of the categories for a while. Out of the blue it tells me my account is suspended so I emailed them and got a reply that basically said to read the TOS. I just replied to ask what term I violated because I have no idea. I'm not wasting my time with them anymore. Even if they gave me my account back they do too poor of a job handling these issues.

Anonymous said...

Glad I found this website all I did

was answer questions about trueblood

and posted

as the source for episodes with no cpa offers an hour later I was suspened yahoo Answers csan kiss my ass and I noticed they said they suspend my yahoo email which is many years old with lots of moneymaking affilate programs paypal etc attached therefore I will be suing the hell out of them if they indeed suspend my email account with them.

Anonymous said...

God I hate that website! If they got rid of the Point categories, people might actually try to answer questions instead of putting irrelevant answers. My brothers account got suspended for reporting a grown women for Constantly bulling him, and Of course she didn't even get a warning. Sometimes I wish I could go over to their HQ and B!tch slap them.

Anonymous said...

YA can burn in hell ! I hope someone takes them out !

Recently, I answered a couple questions pertaining to health and ultimately referenced a couple websites that were not my own but ones I thought would be relevant to their overall issue. One guy asked if he should take whey protein or muscle milk and I said neither, and told him he should consider hemp. I put a link to a website that would talk about protein sources and why whey and soy and milk proteins are best avoided, along with lots of other information.

And there were other health questions and although I may not have replied specifically to it, I wanted to direct them to these websites so they could read about a easy way to take charge of their health by making green smoothies, thereby maybe preventing them from having the kinds of problems they come to yahoo to ask abou it. One of their questions was how to protect their skin from the sun or something along that line, and I wrote out that an author whose book and website I was referencing puts a little lemon peel in her smoothies for skin protecting properties and that if they wanted to read more about it, to go to the website. The websites are free to read and no one has to buy anything to benefit from what the site promotes.

But, all my answers were reported and removed and my YA suspended.

Fuck YA . It's supposed to be a community where you can freely share and exchange information and my intentions were pure and genuine. I am not affiliated with those websites in anyway whatsoever but wanted to share them because I thought everyone can get some good info from it but Yahoo wouldn't allow free speech and expression and it's labeled SPAM.

Fuck them !!! I hope they burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

The Website is far right, thats why it sucks so bad. They never delete anything that would support their totalitarian views. Yet they have no tolerance for any leftwing views. Plus the far right is not a good thing at all. Its a very nasty view, full of authoritarianism, cruel punishment for stupid crap, benefits only the aristocratic, against equality. So, if you dont like those things, your screwed. Its a very fascist site that needs to be shut down

Anonymous said...

Yahoo is far left not far right. I was suspended for just stating some actual facts. They don't like facts. The libs get away with anything there.

Artgem creation said...

Yahoo answer is failed 100%
Especially in religion section where a bunch of christians a$$hole reporting anything that can disproof their god.

That is insane

Carrigon said...

They suspended my account yesterday for answering four questions. All four were about how to make money online. My blog is about how to make money online, so I gave my blog address. Sure enough, I got a suspension letter. I've been a member of Yahoo for over twelve years, doesn't seem to matter to them. You are guilty and that's it. No trial, no real appeal, they just don't care.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me. I answered questions regularly on PC hardware as i'm a system builder, did nothing that went against their community guidelines and lo and behold got banned for nothing!! Sent and email asking what for, got nothing in response, sent another email and still got no response. They seriously need some guidance on their customer service.

Tam said...

I hate Yahoo Answers. It's all of the derranged and psychotic people out there giving advice. It's horrible!

Anonymous said...

Just block it.

Using google - some other search engines too. My pet peave is that google actually gives these relevance.

SOLUTION: (Just type before or after your search)

Paroxysm said...

LOL you probably replied to
(just kidding)

Anonymous said...

Okay, be prepared for a really long rant. XD

I hate Yahoo Answers because...

The other day I asked a question 'How many fans have you got on Y!A?' in Polls and Surveys. It got reported and I lost ten points. Yeah. And you know what? I see stupid/rude questions everyday on Y!A and they don't get reported. IMO, my question didn't break the rules and was a good, interesting question. I posted an appeal for it, but they didn't accept it and said it had been removed for 'chatting'. And as I said before, there are tons of questions worse than that that nobody gives a fig about!

Secondly, whenever you post a question you always get a rude answer back most of the time. I asked this question the other day 'Do you ever use LOL?' and I got heaps of answers telling me to p*ss off and worse. It's just cruel.

Also, my little sister got on my account and posted some stupid question and I begged for it to be deleted, but they didn't. I just want it scrubbed off of my account.

So yeah, rant nearly finished, I'm leaving Yahoo Answers because, yeah, quite does suck. I have better places to be than there. Ciao! :D

Nathan the Googlist said...

Ya really sucks! It is completly based on false info, and all the above reasons. Guess what, I'm a teen and all the teenage sluts annoy me to Hell! It's any librarian's worst nightmare, just like and the other abysses and goldmines out there. I think it should be thrown to the dogs... though they wouldn't eat it. And my old librarian of elementary school warned us not to use Wikipedia (though I do because of it's quality and citations) so I can't imagine her stress over this madness.

~Happy not using Yahoo! at all,

ps) make lots of money on your adsense account ;)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Yahoo answers totally suck, i wasted my time answering questions, stupid site

Anonymous said...

YAhoo is the Stupidest site ever
I worked hard to earn all those points, now they suspended my account
didnt even send a notification message

Anonymous said...

Fricken Yahpoo suspended me 3 times. Right after I reached level 4 every time. I like the politics section and their TOS is not conducive to politics. Everybody is a violator in reality. Well they must have homos working there because I told some crybaby that " you sound like a whining homo" and I was suspended for hate speech and violence?. That blows. It was just an insult yet they call it violent hate speech. Im done with that gay parade.

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