Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You'll get shot

How can i go to central america or asia without visa? simply i enter in the plain and go?
i am russian and i want to go to asia for exemple
Corky's answer:
Most Asian countries require a visa for entrance.

Entering a country without the proper paperwork is illegal and can result in being arrested, jailed or in some countries simply shot as a suspected smuggler.

Monday, February 15, 2010

It would help if you stopped using steel wool q-tips

Can I use prescribed antibiotic ear drops and Debrox at the same time?
I have a terrible ear infection and was prescribed antibiotic drops which I've been using for a day now. There is a lot of pressure in the ear, though, and you can visibly see pockets of what I would assume is fluid/wax buildup on the side of my face next to my ear. It hurts a lot and I'm tried of popping pain meds that wear off too quickly. Can I use Debrox to clean the ear out while still on the antibiotic drops? The doc said the inside of the ear is very scratched and irritated, so I'm just worried the Debrox might irritate it further and cause more trouble.

Any help?

Your Answer:
I would call your doctor's office and ask. They'll likely be able to give you an answer of the phone without charge or a visit. It's possible the irritation is from excessive cleaning.

Failing that, try the Debrox and see if it causes irritation. Make sure to ALWAYS use the Debrox before using the prescription drops or you'll just wash away the medicine. I'd be surprise if it helps though. Debrox is for wax removal, and it sounds like you have pus coming out of your ear, not wax. The prescription drops are your best bet.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Yes, they know you smoke pot

I Heard Marijuana Can Be Traced In Your Blood/Piss Up To 30 Day Later, Is This Tru?

Corky's somewhat fictional answer:

That's not quite true.

It actually takes 45 to 60 days to be undetectable. 30 is an average, but there are a LOT of people for whom it takes longer. Hair samples can give you away months or years after you stop, depending on how long your hair is.

There are over the counter test kits in many drug stores. While not as sensitive as the ones employers and the police use, if you test positive with one you can guarantee you'll test positive if anyone pays for a high quality lab test.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

No, it won't make you blind

Can eye strain and looking a computer screen for too long cause Nystagmus?

Your Answer:
As my optometrist said when I asked the same question:

"You can't damage your eyes by using them"

Your eyes can get tired and you may even develop a slight tick and a headache if you put them under a LOT of strain but it won't damage them. The stereotype of book worms going blind from too many years of reading are just stories.
I have a VERY straining eyeglass prescription and work with computers. My eyes are under a LOT of stress from my job.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weight loss tips from Corky

Is it possible to loose 60 pounds in 6 months?
I'm 14 soon to be 15 and need to loose some weight and fast! is it possible to loose 60 pounds in 6 months? what are some really good types and tricks to loosing weight super fast. people say you gain weight back when you loose it fast but i don't care. i will make sure if and when it comes off it stays off. please help me?,
any tips, tricks, ideas, guides, websites will be greatly appreciated :)

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
Not and keep it off.

Losing weight that fast just causes rebound gain when the fad diet ends. You need a real lifestyle change to keep weight off, and you need to lose it naturally and gradually.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why do Irishmen dislike the smell of a boiling sheep's head?

Corky got a "Best Answer"!

Why do Irishmen dislike the smell of a boiling sheep's head?
This Irishmen keeps complaining whenever I boil a sheep's head. He even got upset when he opened the pot and saw a sheep head's looking back at him. He says it's disgusting and grim. I just do not get it. What's the difference between eating a steak and eating a sheep's head? If you are going to eat animals, then why not eat the face too?
Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
Unless you grew up with the dish, the smells from the disintegrating brain and eyes are nauseating. It's like offering a non-Scotsman Haggis or a non-Brit boiled pig's face. Some dishes are far too culturally focused to be eaten outside of their native population.

Asker's Rating:
5 out of 5
Asker's Comment:
I grew up with it and I still think that it's disgusting.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I really should write for TVs House

Should I be worried by this?
Okay, so I have been in a relationship with this guy for 2 weeks, but have known him for a bit longer. He seems perfect, and the chemistry is very strong. All is well, apart from some communication issues. For example, sometimes he won't return my calls, or he will say he will call me back and often does not. His excuse is often that he forgot, or he was busy. I know he is serious about this because we have even talked living together, and a lot of other deep stuff.

Everything is there, but the communication. I mean we talk 3-5 times a week, ranging from 30 min to 3 hours each call. I have confronted him about this in the past, and even asked if there was someone else. He said that there wasn't, and he didn't intend to go with anyone else. Am I over reacting, or should I be worried? I know I have been controlling in past relationships, so I am trying to back off with the control this time. I can't help but worry though.

Your Answer:

Sounds like an intestinal blockage. The weight loss is a pretty clear indication that she's not getting enough nutrition, so a major parasitic infection is also possible. If she's not showing signs of obvious discomfort then it's possible the infected area is already necrotic and nerve dead.

Assuming you want her to live, get her to the emergency room STAT, preferably BEFORE one of her intestines ruptures. Keep in mind there's a chance child services will be called about your medical neglect. Of course you WILL face criminal charges if you keep neglecting this. Dead babies tend to get the DA's attention.

Friday, February 5, 2010

And yes, they will sue

May someone sue me for anything...if I used to work at a company that is being sue even tough i dont work ther?
This is the situation---I started working with a photo studio company that had 1 year open. I started as a contract labor...in 1099 form. with the promise from the boss i was going to be turned into a w2 later...was there 2 years it never happen...Anyways..My position was to do mainly everything from being their studio photographer to-graphic designer for invitations and etc. to receptionist, secretary, photolab printer technician, Cashiers, and Office Manager. The problem started because I did not wanted to photograph such great and special days like wedding and quinceaneras yet --when i didnt have enough experience so I told my exboss that I could find someone to take the event photos for us..like a photographer for events and pay him by contract per project. So I asked a friend that supposetly was a photographer if he had ever taken weddings or that kind of events before and he said yes. So my exboss hired him for a quinceanera event. the pictures came out ok and looked good but he used his camera..so im guessing he was familiar with the settings and everything. Next event it was a wedding.. and he also said he could do it. so we gave him that project but we asked him to use our camera this time because his camera was a lower quality camera and we had asked him to practice that camera 1 week before event so he could feel familiar with it. Apparently we found out after the event that he did not have time to practice w camera..and all photos from wedding ceremony came out blurry where u can recognize no one and extremelly horrible. We were so angry at him that we did not know what to do...we had never encounter that before and the photographer was trying to put excuses and blame it on us etc. welll the photographer agreed to pay back the customer half of what they had already paid and the rest was gonna be printed from reception photos and bridals session because those did came out good...and ok...after that I myself had to lighten alot of photos from the original files the photographer gave me cuz they were super dark...after that he had been in contact with the client because we transfer her case to him since he was responsible for her pictures to try to fix...he needed to be in touch with her...mostly..we will call her once in a while to be update...and send her one email to see how she was with the photographer....she actually started saying the photographer was backstabbing us saying it was our fault and blaming it all on us ...and she was getting on his side because she said we were not returning any of her calls or emails..and we had a bad customer service...etc..she stopped by to the studio a couple of times and try to resolve the issue really sad...I felt so bad for the situation even tough i wasnt the photographer that ruined her wedding and gave her hopes atht I will try my best to fix the photos for her as much as i could and it will be possible. So I asked the photographer to help me on that but he took like 6 months to fix them...when i got the cd back supposetly fix it was the same thing i had given him at the beggining...never heard from him again after that....I told her about it...and she was mad...she just told me she hoped i could fix them for her..and that what i did i try my best to fix 6 diffrent photos for her we needed to give her...1-24x36 and 4 16x20--which we did its been almost 1 year and a half after that and she only has approved 2 prints...i been in contact with her even tough im not working there no more and trying to help her...and now she said if i dont fix her this she is suing the company and me becauase i was handdling her account...can she do anything to me ...I mean i was employed by the company to fixed someone else's mistake...whay would i be sue..and plus im no longer there I didt take those pictures i gave her good service all the time...and i try my best to fix those photos for her and i was honest to tell her that some photos could not be fixed....now she wants to sue me...may someone help me and advise in how may i defen myself on this can she do that? I really doubt it but i need to know...thak u so much

Your Answer:
I hate to break it to you but you're open to liability on several fronts, and the former employer could go after YOU in a lawsuit to recoup losses if they lose.

They might decide to go after you to recover the legal fees from this lawsuit anyway!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

OMFG! He spending time with his SON!

Boyfriend of 10 yrs won't commit and now he is going on a hunting trip with his son to alaska dump him?
He loves to hunt and says he has always wanted to go to Alaska to hunt. We do alot of fishing together .

Your Answer:
So you're thinking of dumping him because he wants to spend a week bonding with his son instead of with you?

Are you seriously THAT threatened by his son?

I think you just spilled the beans on WHY he won't commit.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm afraid it's cancer

Why are my testicles hurting??
My testicles seem to hurt sometimes for no reason. Usually when I sit to study or when I wake up in the morning, my testicles ache. I am a 20 year old male with a small penis and small testicles, so I definitely do not have a strong sex urge. Sometimes, my left testicles hangs lower, and this also causes aches. I almost always wear boxer briefs, which helps to ease the pain, but sometimes I still get it.

I have stopped masturbating for about two weeks mainly to break my porn addiction and to get closer to God. Does anyone have an idea what could this be? Any guys have similar aches? Thanks and sorry for the details.

Your Answer:
Pain like that is usually the result of hemorrhaging. Unless you remember receiving an injury around the time the pain started then a growth or infection is to blame. Do a self exam. If you've been checking your testes monthly as you SHOULD be, you'll know if there are any new umps or nodules.

Either way, you need to get to your doctor for evaluation. If BOTH are in pain then it's possible that the growth has already spread.
My best friend from high school lost both his testicles to cancer and died of pancreatic cancer about two years later.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's a tumor

The right testicle hurts if I touch it or if i move up the right leg?Urolog help plz?

This is the third time that I do this question, plz help Im desperate :(
Firstable sorry my animal english, and if you're going to say go to the doc, plz dont even respond.I need a serious answer to create at least one idea of what can this be.

3 months ago it started to hurt all of a sudden while I was turning back home from school.After I had some rest, it stoped and dissapeard.
1 month later started again but was hurting a little more, and from then, it has been hurting on and off till yestarday but it didnt hurt when masturbate, or sometimes I have been masturbating while it was hurting a little but the pain seemed to be not related to masturbation.Now its hurting ..hmmm.. lets say in a different way.it hurts when I touch it, when I move up the right leg and when I walk.
Can this be toursion?from what I know it has to be operated in 24 hours.

I have to say that the last weeks i have been masturbating daily one or two times a day maybe thats why it started to hurt more.

and one last thing, when I was younger I always suspected that I had a problem somewhere down there, because after ejaculation, I had the strong feling to urinate but when I used to go to urinate, it didn't came out.there is something wrong in this, no? and when I masturbated more then one time I was totally blocked, I couldn't urinate for hours.
Plz tell me what is it?

Most of the answers so far are "Go to a doctor." Corky is a bit more detailed in the reply:
That sounds like a tumor or a nasty infection. If it's an infection you need treatment appropriate to the type of infection and you probably need the puss drained by a doctor.

If a tumor you need a biopsy to find out if it's cancerous or not.

The pattern doens't sound much like an injury, but it could be a hernia. That needs to be checked out just as much anything else as the only viable treatment will be surgery.

Whatever is causing the pain, I'm afraid a doctor will need to approach your bits with a scalpel. It may be tempting to delay further, but doing so could mean you'll eventually need those parts amputated instead of operated on.