Monday, October 8, 2007

Why Aren't the Racists Suspended?

Here's a racist question asked by a random person on Yahoo Answers. I'm listing it here as an example of the sort of thing Yahoo Answers allows to remain. I doubt they'll delete the question, but you never know...

Tara J asked:
How much aftershave will the average indian drink today?

What a charming bit of racism.

The Racist behind the question, Tara J, has been a Yahoo Answers member since October 07, 2007, or about a day as of when I wrote this post. She has 69 points and is at Level 1.

The classless little Git also asked "Why are the North American indians such a waste of skin?"

Of course the little brat has dished out at least one equally racist answer. Another classless Aryan Pride Poster Child asked "I don't want to sound racist but...? How come women with black avatars give the rudest answers?"

Tara J's reply was: "what you say is so true.i know a few fatassed loud mouthed n-word b!tchs on this site"

That last "question" has been up for 15 hours as of my writing of this post. Apparently racism is AOK on Yahoo Answers, but telling people what ASPCA means is verboten.

Perhaps I should create a new account and just post the lyrics to Prussian Blue songs and Neo-Nazi propaganda. That sort of content seems to be accepted by the Yahoo Answers mods.

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