Saturday, October 6, 2007

More on why the first account was deleted

I did a little hunting. In my previous posts I mentioned having answered a question about a woman who I thought sounded like her retina was detaching. A Google Search allowed me to find the question.

Has anyone experienced floating lights in the peripherals of their eyes?

from time to time, a light will float from 3 oclock to 6 oclock in my right eye, or from 12 to 3. less often the same things happen in my right eye from 12 to 9 and 9 to 6. Also, i sometimes see hundreds of tiny dots floating around in bright spaces. has anyone else had similar experiences? am i crazy?

Google's cache turned up the page and allowed me to recover my answer:

Your retinas are starting to detach. There are usually some minor symptoms early on, but a complete detachment (resulting in blindness in the eye) can literally happen at any second. If could take a few years, it could happen in 30 seconds.

You have two choices:

1. Get to an eye doctor STAT

2. HOPE you don't go completely blind.

Since the retinas are already detaching, Option 2 is just plain stupid, since it's only a matter of time before they detach without treatment.

If you check out the live site, my answer has been deleted.

What was the "Best Answer" chosen by the asker?

No your not crazy.... you should go to the opthamologist and have them check you for retinal detachment. If possible have them take a retinal photograph of your eye to document it better. Occasionally you will get "floaters" where particles just kind of swim in your vitreous humor(gel like substance inside your eye) If possible look online to see if you can find a copy of a Amsler grid. This is a self test for visual distortion. Good luck.

Isn't that interesting. I got deleted for suggesting a trip to the doctor and detaching retinas, but this broad gets picked as the "Best Answer."

My current suspicion is that the "Detaching Retina" comment wasn't what got me banned in the first place. Unless the "Best Answer" was the result of a woman and her friends reporting me to get me deleted and then stealing my answer, I doubt this question was related. The odds of anyone going to that much trouble for one measly "Best Answer" are slim at best.

What then got my first account deleted?

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