Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's a tumor

The right testicle hurts if I touch it or if i move up the right leg?Urolog help plz?

This is the third time that I do this question, plz help Im desperate :(
Firstable sorry my animal english, and if you're going to say go to the doc, plz dont even respond.I need a serious answer to create at least one idea of what can this be.

3 months ago it started to hurt all of a sudden while I was turning back home from school.After I had some rest, it stoped and dissapeard.
1 month later started again but was hurting a little more, and from then, it has been hurting on and off till yestarday but it didnt hurt when masturbate, or sometimes I have been masturbating while it was hurting a little but the pain seemed to be not related to masturbation.Now its hurting ..hmmm.. lets say in a different way.it hurts when I touch it, when I move up the right leg and when I walk.
Can this be toursion?from what I know it has to be operated in 24 hours.

I have to say that the last weeks i have been masturbating daily one or two times a day maybe thats why it started to hurt more.

and one last thing, when I was younger I always suspected that I had a problem somewhere down there, because after ejaculation, I had the strong feling to urinate but when I used to go to urinate, it didn't came out.there is something wrong in this, no? and when I masturbated more then one time I was totally blocked, I couldn't urinate for hours.
Plz tell me what is it?

Most of the answers so far are "Go to a doctor." Corky is a bit more detailed in the reply:
That sounds like a tumor or a nasty infection. If it's an infection you need treatment appropriate to the type of infection and you probably need the puss drained by a doctor.

If a tumor you need a biopsy to find out if it's cancerous or not.

The pattern doens't sound much like an injury, but it could be a hernia. That needs to be checked out just as much anything else as the only viable treatment will be surgery.

Whatever is causing the pain, I'm afraid a doctor will need to approach your bits with a scalpel. It may be tempting to delay further, but doing so could mean you'll eventually need those parts amputated instead of operated on.

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