Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm afraid it's cancer

Why are my testicles hurting??
My testicles seem to hurt sometimes for no reason. Usually when I sit to study or when I wake up in the morning, my testicles ache. I am a 20 year old male with a small penis and small testicles, so I definitely do not have a strong sex urge. Sometimes, my left testicles hangs lower, and this also causes aches. I almost always wear boxer briefs, which helps to ease the pain, but sometimes I still get it.

I have stopped masturbating for about two weeks mainly to break my porn addiction and to get closer to God. Does anyone have an idea what could this be? Any guys have similar aches? Thanks and sorry for the details.

Your Answer:
Pain like that is usually the result of hemorrhaging. Unless you remember receiving an injury around the time the pain started then a growth or infection is to blame. Do a self exam. If you've been checking your testes monthly as you SHOULD be, you'll know if there are any new umps or nodules.

Either way, you need to get to your doctor for evaluation. If BOTH are in pain then it's possible that the growth has already spread.
My best friend from high school lost both his testicles to cancer and died of pancreatic cancer about two years later.

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