Monday, February 8, 2010

I really should write for TVs House

Should I be worried by this?
Okay, so I have been in a relationship with this guy for 2 weeks, but have known him for a bit longer. He seems perfect, and the chemistry is very strong. All is well, apart from some communication issues. For example, sometimes he won't return my calls, or he will say he will call me back and often does not. His excuse is often that he forgot, or he was busy. I know he is serious about this because we have even talked living together, and a lot of other deep stuff.

Everything is there, but the communication. I mean we talk 3-5 times a week, ranging from 30 min to 3 hours each call. I have confronted him about this in the past, and even asked if there was someone else. He said that there wasn't, and he didn't intend to go with anyone else. Am I over reacting, or should I be worried? I know I have been controlling in past relationships, so I am trying to back off with the control this time. I can't help but worry though.

Your Answer:

Sounds like an intestinal blockage. The weight loss is a pretty clear indication that she's not getting enough nutrition, so a major parasitic infection is also possible. If she's not showing signs of obvious discomfort then it's possible the infected area is already necrotic and nerve dead.

Assuming you want her to live, get her to the emergency room STAT, preferably BEFORE one of her intestines ruptures. Keep in mind there's a chance child services will be called about your medical neglect. Of course you WILL face criminal charges if you keep neglecting this. Dead babies tend to get the DA's attention.

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