Thursday, December 13, 2007

These guys are kidding, right?

Sometimes you see an exchange that just HAS to be a joke. Yes, Yahoo Answers has content that can be explained by mind numbing levels of stupidity, but other questions and their associated replies can only be explained as a gag or by the heavy use of drugs, possibly both.

This question and its replies fit that criteria. This has GOT to be someone joking around:


Im writing a book,,,,where can i buy some NEW words???????
i need NEW old words.

Best Answer:

It is posseble (sic) by experience.

The asker's comment on the "Best Answer:" thanks i made a word up >>> "plippyssponge"

The only other answer posted:

Internet is the best source to get new words.Go ahead.All the best.

The question itself was asked at around 7:30 Am EST and the "Best Answer" was chosen within a few minutes. This leads me to suspect the whole thing was done by a group of friends or one person with three logins.

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