Sunday, December 16, 2007

Posting Dangerously

I was about to log wout and go to bed when I saw the following:

What gets your questions removed??

i mad one on here about a baby name and they removed it.... it wasn't a bad name either... just asking opinions on the name i picked out

Reading through the listing I saw a number of answers that are likely to get accounts suspended.

For example, Rox says: "Well some people are just stupid and will "flag" your question, which will remove it. I don't even think yahoo actually monitors anything on here."

I wonder if Rox's account will be suspended soon. The post is critical of Yahoo, devoid of spelling errors and makes valid points in an articulate manner.

Hot Legs
was even harsher with "I wonder if there is a person who actually reviews the questions reported or does the computer just automatically remove reported questions. Also the appeal process doesn't seem to be a real person either, just a "form letter"."

Will posting something critical of Yahoo Answers get your account suspended or your answer deleted? Let's watch these two users and see what happens.

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星The ✇Reel✇ Li✞✞le Tigger星 said...

They did it to me as well
and did not even read my
appeal letter, they are
racist, unfair. and sexist
and they HATE you if you
have the least little handicap.

Don't use Yahoo! I am ditching
Yahoo! Boohoo! so they can
stick their face in DooDoo!