Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Foose wheels and a flat out lie

Account 004 has gotten another "Best Answer" for a flat out lie.
Q: Does anyone know which rims or what brand are on the new Knight Rider Mustang?

Being a fan of the show "Overhauling" I answered:
A: They aren't rims, they're Foose Wheels, designed by Chip Foose. He was a BIG Knight Rider fan when the show was on the air. He's even made a few references to KITT on episodes of "Overhaulin'"

If Chip ever referenced Knight Rider on Overhaulin it was on an episode I missed. Based on the ugly Ricer look of the new KITT I'd be shocked if anything as classy as Foose wheels found their was onto the car. Despite the total lack of evidence and the completely fabricated nature of the answer, it was vote a "Best Answer."

If the answer is accurate, it's by accident. I should know, I wrote the answer.

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