Thursday, December 13, 2007

Everyone's favorite topic: Sex

The Question:
my bf wants to have a threesome?

hi. my bf really wants to have a threesome. he is 27 and i am 21. he said we will do it just for fun and he said i dont have to worry about it because he loves me so much and that he wont ever leave me. i love him so much and i know that he will be very happy if i will say "yes" and do it. but the problem is, i am very sensitive person and i cant dare to see another girl touching my man and i cant dare to see my man touching another girl. what should i do?

My Answer:
Tell him you think it's a great Idea and you've always wanted to get it on with two guys. Act really surprised when he says he wanted the third person to be a girl. Explain that you aren't Bi and that as a result the whole idea of adding a woman just doesn't appeal.

If any of the answers I've posted today get me kicked, it will be this one. This is my last answer for Account 004 for a few days as I don;t want to have TOO much confusion about which answer gets me kicked when it finally happens.

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