Monday, February 15, 2010

It would help if you stopped using steel wool q-tips

Can I use prescribed antibiotic ear drops and Debrox at the same time?
I have a terrible ear infection and was prescribed antibiotic drops which I've been using for a day now. There is a lot of pressure in the ear, though, and you can visibly see pockets of what I would assume is fluid/wax buildup on the side of my face next to my ear. It hurts a lot and I'm tried of popping pain meds that wear off too quickly. Can I use Debrox to clean the ear out while still on the antibiotic drops? The doc said the inside of the ear is very scratched and irritated, so I'm just worried the Debrox might irritate it further and cause more trouble.

Any help?

Your Answer:
I would call your doctor's office and ask. They'll likely be able to give you an answer of the phone without charge or a visit. It's possible the irritation is from excessive cleaning.

Failing that, try the Debrox and see if it causes irritation. Make sure to ALWAYS use the Debrox before using the prescription drops or you'll just wash away the medicine. I'd be surprise if it helps though. Debrox is for wax removal, and it sounds like you have pus coming out of your ear, not wax. The prescription drops are your best bet.

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