Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do you hope Obama is the AntiChrist too?

The following question was actually DELETED by Yahoo Answers! I'm shocked that come content control actually happened.

Do you hope Obama is the AntiChrist too?
Oh God I hope Obama is the AntiChrist!

The whole POINT of supporting Israel was to bring about the conditions
for the End Times. We've been working SO HARD to make things ready for
Jesus to return and for all the Christians to be raptured. It'll be
GREAT when it finally happens! If Obama is the AntiChrist then the
Rapture will happen ANY MOMENT NOW!


All our hard work will have paid off and we'll be rewarded by being
taken bodily up to heaven to be with Jesus while the heathens are put
through the end times tribulations to get as many of them to convert
as possible!

Christ's love is truly poured out upon me that I'll get ot be part of
the last generation!

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