Friday, August 7, 2009

This would explain a lot...

UPDATE: September 8-2009: The following question has been deleted.

The question is good, but some of the answers are rather nutty:

Why do birthers continue asking the question "Why hasn't Obama produced his birth certificate"? by "Is Rush a Donkey ('s a$s)?"

Don't they know they're making the entire GOP look like fools ?
Do you think they really believe their own nonsense?

Answer by Corky P that actually makes a little sense:
The Birther movement is actually lead by deep cover liberals who are out to make Republicans look like fools. It's all a ploy to siphon off the moderates in the Republican party.

Some of the dumber replies:

Peace through blinding force

Because he STILL hasn't.
Outside of Obama's campaign, exactly ONE person has EVER claimed to have seen it and she ALSO claimed earlier that it didn't exist.

We would like for just ONE person not on Obama's payroll to at least CLAIM they've seen ANY evidence whatsoever. So far, no one has.

Mick Jaguar

You're trying the Lib's talking points for the day and are trying to link a few with the many. It won't work. He never did produce his birth certificate anyway, so the problem rests with him, yet few care as do I. Now that birth certificates aren't important, Arnold can run for president. That would be coooool.

Here we have Yuna and some Holocaust Denial:

If Jews really were gassed to death in World War II, they should have no problem allowing us to do autopsies on the bodies. But they won't let us...

People who won't show what you need have something to hide.


you acorn people kill me....just tell us why he won't show ANY of his records?...what is he hiding?
liberals are going down

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