Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Alex wants some Advice

I've posted a new question from Alex. I'm interested to see what kind of answers I get if any.

How should I handle this coworker?

I was talking to a coworker about "The Sound of Music" and she insisted the family was Catholic! I told her they were Jewish and that was why the NAZIS were after them but she didn't believe me. THEN she said that you could go to their ski resort in Vermont! I told here "It's just a movie" but she insisted it was a TRUE STORY. I told her in the movie they went to Switzerland but she said after the movie they went to the USA and opened a ski resort.

How would you deal with a coworker like that who thinks a silly musical is TRUE???

And apparently Alex is fairly Conservative to boot.

Uncomfortable with a religious coworker?

The computer guy has a picture of something he calls the FSM in his cube and he talks about Pirates when I bring it up. I ask him about it and he says it's a religion and he follows it, but that thing looks like a demon to me. What do I do about a coworker who worships demons? Should I tell the owner? I'm worried his Satanism might bring demons into the office, like that woman who had a statue of Buddha before we made her get rid of it.

What should I do? I don't want to be seen as some sort of fanatic but I also don't want to expose myself to Satan!

How can I get rid of this evil influence in the office without making my coworkers think I'm crazy?

After getting a couple dozen replies I added the following "Details"

OK, I know some people think I'm being paranoid about this tentacle thing he has at his desk but it's NOT a good thing and I don't care if people think it;s just a joke. It's a DEMON and is UNNATURAL and it's telling him pirates are good but pirates are thieves rapists and murderers.

And the Buddha statue was making people sick and bringing demons into the office until we got rid of it. Satan is real and he used eastern mysticism to attack us and hide his demons which is why we don;t let people bring hippie crystals in either.

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