Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Apparently Mexican marriages aren't valid in the USA

Married n mexico and texas?

my dad married his 1st wife in mexico ,but didnt' gt a divorce frm her.Now she wants to claim his benefits and retirement funds can she?? Then he married my mom without getting a divorce here in TEXAS..Oh my dad has passed that's why all this is goign on..what can my mom do does she have any rights..

To paraphrase Pascal, I cannot imagine the confusion of ideas that would lead to such a question. The asker is either a prankster, or somehow thinks Mexican marriages shouldn't be valid in the USA.

I posted the following reply as Alex K:

It doesn't matter what country the wedding happened in. Your Father was a bigamist when he was "Married" to your mother and his marriage to her was invalid and illegal.

He was living in sin with her the whole time they were together.

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