Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pending Revelation

I just answered a few questions as Corky, Account 005. We'll see if any of them get the account suspended. While a bit on the rude side there isn't anything in the posts that I see as likely to get the account pulled. If the account is suspended, it's going to be because someone connected the posts to this Blog.

If Account 004 is still intact the next time I update, I'll probably go through and publish all the "Account 004" posts I've been saving as drafts. The fact that Corky remains uncensored is a good indication that being noted on this Blog isn't enough to get an account yanked. If anyone at Yahoo was watching this Blog they've either stopped or are no longer suspending accounts over it. If there were any Yahoo Answers users reporting the posts they've probably grown bored with the task.

So watch this space to learn all about the much hinted at Account 004!

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