Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Corky can be a real jerk

We both cheated, be he keeps denying?

I went out with and kissed another guy because I thought my bf was cheating on me. I had a right to worry because he is too friendly with other women, he stays out all night sometimes, and he acts like he doesn't want to spend time with me. But it turned out I was wrong-he never cheated. He was just flirting to make these girls like him, in order to feed his ego. About 1 week ago, I found out he did kiss another girl. He is denying it, of course. I called the girl to ask what was going on, and she told me they go out and kiss sometimes. The next day, she forwarded me a message that my bf left on her voice mail, saying that he was outside waiting for her to answer the door, and it was about 10pm. But he is denying that he was ever there, even though I have the proof. I keep thinking I deserve this because I kissed another guy too. I purposely drove him away because I'm hurt. Can I be upset since I did the same thing? Should I let this go or be upset since he won't tell me the truth?
You are:
Corky P
Your Answer:
You have two options:

1. Accept that this is a toxic relationship and break up.

2. Look into Polyamory as a way to deal with the fact that neither of you seems capable of monogamy.

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