Monday, February 4, 2008

Responding to Yahoo Answers Spam

Please note, I didn't bother trying to link to the "Site" that the poster was asking about. It was a pretty obvious sham URL, and probably a hack attempt. I did test the URL Links, which is how I learned the information in my response.

I wonder how long it will take Yahoo to delete the original question, if at all.

Q: I need this search
it keep tryin to get to this site and it keep send me a error teel me hoe con i get around this.

A: First of all, the link is probably an attempt to steal data from you. While it's an IP address, it's t trying to use the certificate for

Second, the error is that you aren't authorized to view the page. You need a login that will let you load the content at the URL.

You need to get in touch with the folks who run and sign up for an account. It's also possible that their server has a configuration problem that prevents it from serving the object to people on the Internet.

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