Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Corky is at it again!

What was the reason for Stacy Ferguson's dissapearance on Kids Incorporated?
On wikipedia, it says "Actors left the series when they "aged out" of their roles as kids. The disappearances of some long-running actors, such as Martika, Renee Sands, Stacy Ferguson, and Rahsaan Patterson, were written into the script." What was the reason for stacy's dissapearance? Thanks!

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Her character went to college.

For ONCE Corky makes a some sense. Never mind the fact that the question is wrong about the provisions of the bill...

What can we do to stop the health care bill?
Lets march on Washington

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Just wait until all you healthy unemployed people are fined for not paying for the goverment plan $300/mo.

1 month ago
a better way: limit the amounts on lawsuits- get the lawyers out of it they are the reson for the high costs

1 month ago
I'm afraid the only part of the plan that will survive is the part that forces all legal citizens to have insurance(like car insurance) whether you want it or not. After all us poor and middle class are the only ones not represented in Washington.

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Write your congresspeople and demand they READ the bill.

Can you believe people TRULY believe this proves obama = antichrist? Look for a 'pentagram' on his head.?

some people are soooooooo stupid

* 1 month ago

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it didnt make the link clickable. just copy and paste

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Oh God I hope he's the antichrist!

The whole POINT of supporting Israel was to bring about the conditions of the End Times. We've been working SO HARD to make things ready for Jesus to return and for all the Christians to be raptured. It would be GREAT if it finally happens!

I'm including the image in question here:

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