Friday, November 30, 2007

Ravens as Pets

The Question:
Is it possible to own a pet raven?

My fiance and I have talked about this- We live in NYC, but are planning to eventually move upstate. We're planning on turning one of our house's rooms into the bird's domain, complete with screened in windows, potted trees, etc. Is this legal? Is it possible to adopt one from a rescue shelter that needs care?

My Answer:

Ravens are about as intelligent as Parrots, but more prone to aggressive behavior. The odds are good they'll escape in short order. Being scavengers, they'll also favor a diet with meat products. I recommend you look up the article "The Care of Ravens" online and read about what it's like keeping them as pets.

I even included a source:

My guess is that this will get the account banned, as I included a link to an external site AND recommended the person asking the question do *GASP* more reading on the topic.

For the record, what appears to be a useful answer was already given, in which it was pointed out that it's illegal to keep Ravens as pets in the USA. I intend to vote for THAT answer as "Best Answer" if I get the chance.

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